Ball Run Fun! Great Backyard Pallet Wood Project!

Ball Run Fun! Great Backyard Pallet Wood Project! G’day all, here’s another pallet wood project.Here’s a quick video of what you can do to your back fence to utilize that wasted space. Myself and a good friend of mine (Kabunka Ferreira) decided that it would be a good idea to make a golf ball run along the face of a pallet board fence at out local kids Playgroup. It’s a real simple idea that can be ,made in a couple of hours. Ours was made entirely from pallet wood.

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Cheers, Uncle Knackers 🙂



Wesley Walker says:

very good mate love it

Simeon Banner says:

Shane.. can you tell us about your training. Did you spend years doing professional carpentry or did you teach yourself? Would you recommend doing a course? You make it look easy but no doubt years of experience. I'm a bit scared to try building a shed. Do you think start with small projects and build up?

Sheri Karanasos says:

This is great! I'm building a pallet fence to hold in my grandchildren. Our backyard is a golf course. Do you know how many golf balls I have collected? Yes! They have landed right next to me while working in the garden. This is a great idea for all those balls and will keep the grandkids busy. Thanks for the great tip!

kimberly meyer says:

My stepmother is now totally in love with you! We have a unlimited supply of pallets available and we were struggling to figure out how to dismantle them. I found your videos and we've been enjoying your knowledge and sense of humor ever since. Thank you so much for all the wonderful advice! And lucky for you she lives in the USA because I think she'd try to find you and give you a big ol' hug and kiss. Keep posting these informative videos. We definitely love them here! 🙂

Suzy Couture says:

OMG!  look at billy boy!  great video Knackers!  Commercials on the channel now?  Good on ya :))

Norbert Vella says:

Top one mate!

Jerry J dotson jr says:

You remind me of someone I know but much funnier

Drazyyk says:

So doing something like this when I rebuild the fence next year, my girls will love this! Good work dude, thanks 🙂

sanpt7777 says:

Couldn't answer your post on my channel from my phone, I'll be checking more of your vids, you have some cool DIYs!

WoodRodent says:

I think you are just a big kid at heart there Uncle Knackers. Keep having fun.

iamvossy says:

What program do you use Uncle Knackers for that plan at the end? Great project and thanks for sharing!

117khan says:

It's awesome! I feel like you could make a backyard Rube Goldberg contraption using this.

johnnybrew1 says:

Nice one – I liked it.

gomgomboy says:

u sure like pallet boards

Kani Fuker says:

Great simple idea and hours of fun for the kids, good job mate.

Oh! can i have my balls back now?.

airkraft1 says:

Now the tough part , keep him playing with real toys and never pick up the xbox

Chris McDowell | CMR Woodworks says:

Awesome idea!

Harry Watts says:

Fun Stuff Shane, Thanks for sharing, Cheers Harry

Tanasi Tim says:

Almost as much fun as watching the boxing Kangaroo video. LOL  Great work. 

Boxing Kangaroos Fight on the Streets of Australia!

MRrwmac says:

Very cool use of a simple boring fence in the backyard for kids. No end to the imagination on making them! Kids do love them. Could have races if put on in duplicate and replicate and easy to build! Or start on one and run to other sections with curve around posts. Thanks for sharing.

Robb's Homemade Life says:

very original.

diy man glen says:

on to it man 

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