Beginner Backyard Pond Setup // Pond Season 2 Ep. 1

Beginner Backyard Pond Setup // Pond Season 2 Ep. 1

POND SEASON 2 START NOW! Today we break ground on this years diy pond project. I’m using a pond insert from Lowes because its less permanent and not that expensive. MORE INFO ▼

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Outdoor Tv says:

He did it in white shoes

bookmouse770 says:

How lucky you are that your home owner lets you make these things….they must be simpatico.

Lee Smith says:

Was sad to see the old pond as I was looking for updates on it

Susan for SLC Aquatics says:

Mike you did a great job. It’s the same pond I have but I didn’t put it in ground. It’s actually on the porch with two smaller tubs.

Pa. Fish Preacher says:

awesome project makes me want one, just hope the wife is up for it

Anubhav Parida says:

Just set up my cherry shrimp guppy pond!

Carson dude says:

Like the haircut

jfredjz says:

I've had a pre-formed pond for several years and its held up well, I don't think its a bad idea but obviously, there are more natural looking alternatives

Дядя Вася Рулит/ Аквариум как Хобби says:

Буду следить за последующими видео новостями!) Интересно, что получится в последствии!) Лайк!)

#SAVEYOURINTERNET No article 13 says:

Remember your educational vids h

Jadren Aquatics says:

Just set one up for the first time just not sure how to deal with the Texas heat it's more like an experiment in boiling fish lol

Tori Larvin says:

Should of used lighter fluid on the sticker 🤓 can't wait for the next episode 👏

shubham pardeshi says:

Please talk less and show more practical work

Vanessa Olson says:

Looks great!

Yannick Broos says:

Please build a waterfall/ creek to your pond, would look awesome

Helveteshit says:

Personally, I would of made the pond slightly unlevel. So you have an area for overflow for extra rainwater. So it doesn't spill over uncontrollable. But I guess you can fix that by attaching drain holes.

Tabitha drew says:

It's shaped like a sting ray!

Jeremy's Wild Studio says:

Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together

Tetra Keeper says:

If only it was pond season here almost!

darkmilktea152 says:

cant wait for Phase 2 please hurry and post it the excitement is real

Graeme Shelton says:

Looks awesome! Pond season 1 began for me this week. Installed a little deck pond over the past few days. I like the irregular shape of this insert. It’s gonna look great with planting in and around the pond

Keith Davis says:

Bro, buy a house.

tree fgt says:

Bad day for white shoes

John DeLong says:

R.I.P the white shoes

The Fish Tank Barn says:

Nice job Mike

Ronand Solano says:

Have anyone already commented on the pond being shaped like a stingray 👀

KGTropicals says:

I’ll be following this VERY closely!!!

Manuel T says:

Great video! Next time use oil (food grade) or baby shampoo with the scraper/blade to remove the glue

Hunter Burkhalter says:


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