Build a swimming pool for under $3000, not impossible

Build a swimming pool for under $3000, not impossible

I built an in ground pool for less than $3000.Step by step
instructions along with material costs in this video. Do it yourself
and enjoy the water!



Bob Shaw says:

Nice pool. How wide , deep & long is your pool? How many gallons of water does it hold? I was wondering why you didn't put a lighting system in the pool for night swimming?

This Is My Story says:

It looks like your bottom edge where the floor and side walls meet is curved??? Not a square 90…curious how you did it? And how's bud holding up.

GNS says:

Quick question what size rebar did you used between each row of blocks, your pool looks great.

Sjaak Schulteis says:

Gerry Wilson, your video is one of the few videos I can use in building my own pool. I'm living in Thailand, where labour is cheap, but still I'm doing my own digging. It is hard, because it is too hot during the daytime. But anyway I want to do the digging myself and no machines involved, because I'm using the soil to spread on different places in the garden. My plan is to have the finishing touch also done by professionals. There are pool companies all over the place here with prices where the sky is the limit.
Thanks for your video. Hope that after 3 years your pool is still good. Do you use salt water or chlorine?

Edwin chewy says:

Great job Mr. Wilson and great diy. Will be doing the same very soon already dug out the hole for my pool. Will only pay a plumber for the plumbing and will do everything else myself.

Charm scoz says:

Has your concrete cracked? You have no concrete wire so I'm wondering if it has split at all? Is it still all good? Did you make any other errors?

CLINT says:

I sure hope I'm not asking a question that has already been asked and replied to a scroll down threw a ton of comments and did not see this question.
Q: what would you have done if it would have rained torrential downpours right after you had dug the hole? The only thing I know to do would be to pump all the water out. Seems like a gigantic pain in the butt because if you had things perfectly level now you'll have to recheck everything and hope you can get things finished before the next rain. Awesome job though!

Basharat Ullah says:

Nice vid will give it a try love form Pakistan

Δημήτρης Κουτούγκος says:

can you contact with me about a small pool i have in my mind. 3x2x0,90 . and i am looking for a sund filter pump and all the acessories about the recycle the water..

Gordon Reynolds says:

I am a mason u did a great job,!!!!!

guaporubio says:

I am wondering about code issues for the permitting process. Was this pool built in a no-code or relaxed code region? Also the backhoe work seems like you got it done extremely cheaply. I don't think most people could expect a deal like that. 🙂 Even renting a small track hoe would be more than that…

Jose Arpajon says:

What country is this? Life looks simple there, especially the way you budget yourself. Nice job!



bronson evans says:

i was watching mountain bike videos and somehow got here…..

Doug Poteet says:

Great Job!!

DaisySun says:

Looks beautiful and very inviting!! Great job!!

C says:

Fantastic and thank you I will build my pool using your concept but square and a bit longer …in Thailand …. Thank you

Natasha says:

Amazing job

M mangla says:

Good information

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