Build An Amazing Entertaining Area | Outdoor | Great Home Ideas

Build An Amazing Entertaining Area | Outdoor | Great Home Ideas

This week, Adam and Jason are teaming up to help a young man get back on his feet after a tragic accident. You won’t believe the amazing entertaining area Adam and Jason create, complete with a barbecue the boys are building themselves! This is one truly inspiring makeover.

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Ellie Hughes says:

What breed of dog is Danny? Is he a rat terrier? He's very cute!

Tristan Rav says:

I can’t imagine what it would be having no arm😞😥

Fady Altarifi says:

Great work much love

Luciano says:

You do a great job, the result is very nice, the gardens get too much. Congratulations on your work. Thank you.

Doug Scott says:

Had to mention his injury so often, I'm surprised you didn't say "We've come to give you a hand, cos you only have one."

ronald mercado says:

Wow I'd like the design its very fantastic., i wish my backyard will become like this

Perdian Perdi says:

great house

Martha Jaimes says:

I feel like dose have his arm😕😕😕🤔🤔🤔🤔

Tesie Berdon says:

Great job .

Maria Brooks says:

ABC kids tv
O. I

Raphaël Peters says:

My granny would say ,it's not yeah it's yes,and l say yeah just to tease her…

Kiwihouse2005 B. says:

Fantastic job.

Disco Deacy says:

I love how he helped out instead of just watching while they do it.

Manoj Kumar says:

have any rooftop ideas

samir tmilsina says:

i think black color is not more sweetable on there

ele flower says:

Thank you so much for your videos,I'm always looking for new ideas to do,You are so nice,smart and hardworking guys ,please keep going .

zarah obeso says:

Were the cocroches mating????

Kiều Diễm Nguyễn says:

Love it. I want to do it in Việt Nam

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