Build an EPIC Backyard Playground Treehouse!

Build an EPIC Backyard Playground Treehouse!

Building an epic wooden backyard playground / treehouse for our boys using simple construction materials! This is the coolest playground on YouTube! WATCH THIS PROJECT BUILD AT 100x SPEED HERE:

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Green Acre Homestead says:

WATCH THIS PROJECT BUILD AT 100x SPEED HERE: Support us by shopping on amazon via the link below — it costs you nothing, but helps us continue to make great content!
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Margie Steininger says:

you could add an awesome rope climb to the side of that – the boys would love it

Bonnie Kornfeld says:

Oh my gosh😳🤩 I Love it🥰 Looks like I will have to move to your area so I can hire all y’all! If you can’t do a horse barn at least maybe a play ground. Adult sized of course. Cup holders snack holders comfy seating. etc. 😆😂

Edgar Villarruel says:

Felicidades por lo que hacen por sus hijos, pero pincipalmente felicidades por enseñarlos a apreciar las cosas y el trabajo que cuesta hacerlas

Janet Crane says:

You are a good dad. We built one for our kids many years ago. My son wanted to be a pilot from the time he was 2. I went to the junkyard and got some super cool vintage car dials. Used some old light switches and a cb radio and attached it to a beam that ran horizontally. Those kids had more fun with that than all the expensive
toys they got. Just an idea.

David Helfrich says:

Nice job 👍.
But ya’ know I gotta’ say sumthin’ (OCD). The roof panels are 90 deg off 🙁. (Not a biggie for a play tower.) 🦀

Jim Dockrell says:

Not just a playground. A playground with a view!

granny bee says:

oh, to be a kid again.

The Blue Bike & Doyle says:

Looks great. So any updates on dumbstruck?

Lance Sheppard says:

Sam the play fort looks great! I think might have a video of the play set i built old free set and new build on it
As well. I need to re-do some the old deck got some ideas from yall! Thanks buddy,

Natalie Marsh says:

I love the way he uses a chair to cut the lumber. So like my dad.

Farmer Brad says:

Dad builds elevated deck for himself and his kids get to play on it. Lol

Land to House says:

Nice build! Looks like it will be there for a long time. This was a lot of work for one video!

Fava Fava says:

Excellent job guys , good to see the boys doing essential skills sam . Im a great believer in teaching skills early They will remember for life . Keep up the excellent work and tutorials , your excellent parents . Respect to all your family .

Northstar Prepsteader says:

Great build Sam! Looks like you'll have many years' enjoyment 🙂

Cathy says:

really nice

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