Build Your Own Backyard Concrete Block Grill: easy

Build Your Own Backyard Concrete Block Grill: easy

here is how I built an inexpensive concrete block grill at the end of my patio; follow the steps and you can build one also!!



Izlude Tingel says:

What is the metal grate called? where did you get it?

Jeffrey Patten says:

Can you build it up a little bit higher and make the bottom cinder block so you don't have to keep bending?

Lisa Johnson says:

Really nice grill

mssavedin92 says:


walt braden says:

this works fast cheap simple

Bill Bohan says:

I built a similar grill nearly 40 years ago and used it for almost 20 years. I placed a layer of blocks with the holes horizontal on the bottom covering the entire area of the grill. I did not want my fire on the ground. Also, my third (by your counting) layer was identical to the first. You only need 2 half blocks if you do it that way. I had a small table nearby and did not use capstones. Mine had a 16 inch square grill and was sufficient for a family of four. A couple of years ago I built a 16 by 24 inch one for a friend.

MrCougar214 says:

Soooooo…..Grill for midgets?…

Logan Smith says:

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OnTheFritz602 says:

You've inspired me. Been watching vids on building a backyard fire pit, and I stumbled upon this.
Thought to myself why not build something I can also cook with?

Ernesto Perez says:

Where is the cement… Dangerous if bumped in too. They will move around.

Jane Cline says:

This is so nice! I am in the process of rounding up my materials! Can't wait to get started!

KittenOnACloud says:

Are you always speaking of inches when describing the list in the beginning?

Baddscorpio says:

My back hurts just looking at how low that thing is

GW says:

This is an old school way of making a fire pit/grill. I would probably go another route in order to make it more stable and permanent….good share for some who maybe didn't realize how easy this could be..

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