Building a Backyard Bass Pond!! (Day 1)

Building a Backyard Bass Pond!! (Day 1)

The day has come to finally build a backyard pond for our two pet bass! Check out the Aquascape pond builders that came from across the country to help us build our dream pond!

Watch Day 2 build here:

Our Backyard Pond Parts:
Waterfall Pump –
Recirculation Pump –
Skimmer –
Pondless Waterfall –
Liner –
Auto Dosing System –
IonGen System –
Led Lights –
AquaBlox –
Valves –
Skimmer Pole –
Skimmer Net –
Skimmer Filter –
Chlorine Remover –

Greg The Pond Guy, Aquascape:

The Man with the Plan! Ed Beaulieu:

Brian Dahle, Birmingham, AL.

John Adams, Knoxville, TN.
Modern Design Aquascaping

Jason Duffney, Jacksonville, FL.

Guy Edwards, Gadsden, AL.

Tanner Flowers, Cleveland, TN.

Bubba Hogan, Memphis, TN.
Dreamscapes Landscaping

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Kyrie Wagner says:

The guy's laugh behind the camera sounds like Hank Hill from King Of The Hill, lol

Halloween says:

what is the intro music

metalic699 says:

What's the point of a bass pond ? Just a place to relax or it serves a greater purpose?

Samuel Reed says:

Why does it take so many damn people? Lmao

Tim OB says:

All this for a couple frigging bass??! Give me my yard back ..

Gutslinger says:

Must be nice to have ground that is practically pure clay.

Matt Jay Watson says:

Got a little weird when Liz came outside. Was that hug necessary.

K. Westfall says:

The fake laughing at all the horrible "jokes" etc. is horrendous! The word "compensation" was used a lot by the bald guy. We all know now that he is compensating for his manhood.

drongo jonkins says:

I don't like the way Greg Wittsock The Pond Guy was looking at your wife.

ruskodisco says:

What's he doing?

jj52999 says:

Too much chatter, takes away from the video. Lost interest into the second minute…..😑

Joe Gibbons says:

Peep the guy twerking at 12:31

redtailhardwoods says:

The pond guy is an asshole, he should just shut up.

pollax troy says:

The bold guy knows his shit.

luke paugh says:

Such a small pond. I would have gone wider and deeper

Donna Williams says:

Pure waffle

Sean C says:

I don't understand……where do you install the subwoofers?

ricardo lopez says:

How much was all that

kids place on channel 9 says:

Make a half pipe ya tard

Let me sleep in peace says:

For his 2 pet bass

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