Colorful and Almost Free DIY Outdoor Table Project

Colorful and Almost Free DIY Outdoor Table Project

I needed a sturdy outdoor table for my backyard sitting area but was appalled at how much a good new outdoor table costs. So I took to my scrap wood pile and this video gives a quick overview of what I came up with. Feel free to copy this design for yourself!



racenuke says:

Does anyone ever think you look like Mark Wahlberg?

Kari C says:

Ladies & Gents! That was the handsome Steven Harrell of Tiny House Listings. Can I get a woot woot? Nice guns, Steven! Hope u r well and I love that build. Gonna make me a tiny side table for la yurt. Thanks for the idea! K🎪Yurt Grrl

Ttf Web says:

Nice table. Heavy Is good – no one will steal it.

Kathy F says:

Well done 🙂

nintendolunchbox says:

Fun! Hard to keep cleaning I assume, but who cares for that amazing style!

Todd Weller says:

Nice job, looks great!

clinicalthinker says:

This is really cool … sorry I sent my old 2 by 4s to the dump now.

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