DIY Cheap Modern Outdoor Sofa | NATHAN BUILDS

DIY Cheap Modern Outdoor Sofa | NATHAN BUILDS

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I built a modern outdoor sofa out of 2x4s and Ikea cushions. I love how this turned out. It matches the outdoor table I built in the last video.

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I used a table saw, orbital sander, drill/driver, miter saw and pocket hole jig and doweling jig. You could do this whole project with a hand saw and drill if you had to.

Sketchup file:


Cut list:
4x – 1.5″x3″ – 1′ 9″ – arm front/back
4x – 1.5″x3″ – 2′ 8 1/2″ – arm top/bot
2x – 1.5″x3″ – 2′ 5 1/2″ – arm stretcher
8x – 1.5″x3″ – 6′ 1 1/4″ – full width stretchers/ seat
2x – 1.5″x3″ – 5′ 10 1/4″ – back stretcher
2x – 1.5″x3″ – 1′ 2 15/16″ – 15 degree angle – back deep vertical side
2x – 1.5″x3″ – 1′ 2 15/16″ – 15 degree angle – back flat vertical middle
4x – 1.5″x3″ – 1′ 11 1/16″ – seat short stretchers

Pocket hole jig:
1. (I used this)
2. (cheaper)




86iesen says:

Hey Nathan, thanks for sharing. After checking out a lot of these outdoor couch builds yours is my favorite design. Im not familiar w sketchup and still trying to figure out your backrest. Can you provide more detail on how you attached that to the seat?

Asahi Shinbun says:

I really want to make this sofa, but in the measures for the wood I am completely lost, please would it be possible to mark the measurements in centimeters, it is simpler for people who do not understand great thing to the English measure.

Kind Regards

M3D1C Dan says:

Great video – which Ikea cushions did you end up buying?

john maloney says:

Turned out nice 👍🏻. How have the 2×4’s held up?

Ed Walker says:

Hi. Really like your design. Could you give some details on the cushions please

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Zack M says:

Rivers Cuomo does good work.

Ken G. says:

Why do people need to use annoying music?

Maulik Thaker says:

Would u think putting a 45 on both front side hand rest would reduce the strength ?

Aleksandra Fomina says:

Спасибо! Очень вдохновительно!

Miguel Santillan says:

hola gracias por mostrarnos como contruir un sofa pero cules son su medidas ,,,pero se ve como se realizo el respaldar gracias si me pudieran ayudar gracia

Paul Betka says:

Nathan 👍 Where's the instructions ❓
🔨 Measurements ❗

emanuelvidalrm says:

insta-subbed 🙂
Just a quick tip: don't talk so low and quietly in your videos.
Try to raise your voice a bit, idk.

Teresia Lidin says:

I was really surprised to see you have so few subscribers, your video is really well produced so I thought you were a more established youtuber. Great project, the voice over and the design picture were awesome, if I had to give any constructive criticism it would be to lower the music just a tad. Have not checked yet but I hope you have many more videos!

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