DIY How to make amzaing Fountain using clay saucers & Pots

DIY How to make amzaing Fountain using clay saucers & Pots

From this video you can learn how to make a very beautiful & amazing Home made fountain. you can place it on table top , indoor or outdoor , any where u want. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe, like , share and comment if you have any questions .



Fatima Awais says:

wao beautiful saucers amazing 💕💕💞💞😘

Marie line Combes says:

Wouahou jolie. Superbe. Magnifique.. merci beaucoup

Merry John says:

Sir, very nicely demonstrated. It would be useful if you could kindly tell about water pump specification.

Bob Lowney says:

very nice! I did a similar thing with just a wide saucer, a slightly narrower pot and a wide shallow dish, all terra cotta. They are heavy enough that I just stacked them and use a solar fountain that floats in the bath. To clean I simply sweep out the water and replace.

Barbara Hesselgrave says:

I bet the birds will love this!

soolly 357 says:

Pretty cool, love how low it is. You can make 5 or so and spread them around. Sweet

Truelove says:

This is what i have been looking for! Will make an excellent TORTOISE DRINKING DISH for my outside turtle habitate (will add activated charcoal in a knee high nylon stocking, tied off under the biggest pot for filtration) THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Gplus sucks big says:

How to screw up a fountain: quickly empty a bottle of dishwashing liquid.

The Mermaid's Tale says:

Great idea and execution. That is quite a flow – it would probably be make less strong by reducing the size of the pipe or tubing. TFS


THANK YOU for the great idea and also for not having annoying music in the background.

Es-Dee Vlog & Cover says:

Not as good tho. Im just wondering why u have to make whole from the 6inch and 4inch pot?for what? Its useless tho.

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