DIY Modern Outdoor Bench | Modern Builds | EP. 30

DIY Modern Outdoor Bench | Modern Builds | EP. 30

Today I’m building a set of modern outdoor benches using an awesome 2×4 box joint configuration. These benches were originally designed by DIY Candy, and because they had everything in a written article, I thought a video would be cool too. Be sure to
check out their blog in the link below.


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Thanks for watching! -Mike Montgomery



Just_Gordo says:

OK, I made one – use cauls to keep your boards even during glue up. If not, you will need a good belt sander and 60 grit belts (plural) for leveling. You will be sanding for a day at least.

Nicolas V says:

Mine is in the making. Hope it turns out as nice as yours!
And you're right, never though I'd use this much glue in 1 project.

EDIT: my assembly part is done, needs sanding and finishing now. I noticed some spacing between the boards and not sure how to fill those. Any one who has suggestions?

Lucas Schmidt says:

Is that a Chicago Electric Belt Sander? How do you like it?

Rebecca Mercer says:

This is an awesome project and one that I'm sure to build. One question how many 2×4's in total did you use? It's easy to figure out, but I figured once you answered you could add it to your materials list on your site. Cheers

Rafael Novaes says:

Legal, muito bom !!!!

MadSam214 says:

can this be converted into a desk?

Benjamin Caparoon says:

I love the bench you made. Do you have a video on a match dining table?

Jeff Lewis says:

would this still hold fine if you used only glue and no finishing nails?

jed belen says:

I thought he said "bitches"

JIMKOR says:

Could you also include how much it cost to makethis

Matt Watts says:

no bad sir, simplicity is king

luiscards says:

This bench look awesome. How can I subscribe to your videos? What is the complete list of materials and measure to for this bench? Thanks. I viewed a few of your videos and everything looks amazing. My wife and I would like to try to build this bench very soon.

shaan hale says:

What's the cost of this project?

Kieran Gallacher says:

Going to be making this bench this weekend!

willie says:

Way to go stud. Looks good. Why didn't you rip the 2×4's first then cut them on the chop saw?

James Dunne says:

Nice Job Mike. Could you let me know what you sold them for.

Markus says:

Great design! Really enjoyed the project. I decided to try it myself and it worked out pretty good. The only trouble I had was trying to figure how to sand the inside joints (90 degree angles). I ended up leaving them rough since they won't show, but I was wondering if you got them nice and smooth?

Logan Smith says:

I find this woodworking book “pepe amazing plan” (Google it) perfect for me. Not just does it cover wood working techniques, but it even describes the growth cycles of trees which lead to the characteristics that craftsmen find favorable in lumber. Simply put I had to get a second copy for my father.

S2 says:

Mac Miller did a really good job on those benches!

Eddy says:

what you dont have a table saw?

Sean Tekano says:

This guy is literally a complete hack. So many errors, and his precision and calculations are fucked. True woodworkers would laugh at this.

Fidel Velásquez says:

great job. bless from Peru.

geht euch n scheiss an says:

basically 10% brain, rest machines

spbxl says:

how much weight would this bench manage to hold?

Panawat Chotamungsa says:

Could you guid me to build counter bar .cheers

maxcohen13 says:

The actual video is from 0:403:45 …and hit that mute button like it raped your daughter.

Emily Dufty says:

I think I'm infatuated.

Vic G. says:

I'd like to build this this week, roughly how many 2×4's did you use?

Vince Diaz says:

I have to hand it to you. You make it look way to easy. I built one today and took much longer then I expected and was difficult to get all the legs square and lined up properly. Then I had gaps and it took tons of filler and sanding. But it is a great bench and it looks great. Thanks!

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