DIY Outdoor Coffee Table | Woodbrew

DIY Outdoor Coffee Table | Woodbrew

This week we are making a super simple coffee table for our outdoor space! This little patio is turning out so cute, we can’t wait to finish it all off!
Thank you Total Boat for sponsoring this week’s video!

Finish we used:
Total Boat Halcyon Clear Gloss Varnish:
You can get 20% off using the code WOODBREW for any Total Boat purchase!

PLANS: COMING SOON! Along with the DIY Outdoor Sofa, so check back here or to our website, later today!

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clint mcandrew says:

What a waste of timber


Very good…congratulations like and registered
I also have one Channel DYI
Visit my channel if like subscribe

Mikhandmaker says:

Greta look!

Stoia Wood Design says:

Looks really great you two!

Анна Буката says:

Very nice! =)

kerleed x says:

Awesome! Love and blessings from South Africa ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Juliet Phillips says:

Simply beautiful!

las3perez says:

Hey guys, I love your videos and I would love to try that finish!
I was wondering if you are interested or know someone who would be interested in donating old clamps or any kind of used tools or materials for woodworking. There is a woodworking school (from the government) here in my city in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico that is almost for free, but doesn't have many tools and is great for the community.
The teacher is great and sometimes uses his oun tools to teach.

Mark Hodgkin says:

@Woodbrew, the article link seems incorrect. Goes to your chair build. Just FYI

Gladwin Lineses says:

poor skill..

Jack Graves says:

Very nice and minimalistic. Molly with the fists😂

Alex Pettigrew says:

I hate to be the safety police but the blade on your sliding compound mite saw is not the correct one. It is much too aggressive. You need one with a much lower hook angle. Check your owners manual for their recommendation. Nice project.

Bastijn Kluts says:

I think I would just use pocket hole screws or dominos for this instead of the aluminium says:

Looks amazing. Have an awesome weekend, Andreas 🇸🇪

Jeff Forbes says:

Very nice.! I love the beefiness! I'm going back and watch the rest of the paio series.
Thanks for posting.

The Kobra says:

How well will the total boat hold up in the AZ sun? I have yet to find anything that lasts longer than a year.

Craig Ugland Realty says:

You really need a crosscut sled. Using the t-square with the material between the blade and fence is asking for an Extremely dangerous kickback.

Robby Simon says:

Did you guys have to plane or take the rounded edges off of your 4×4’s? At the box stores near me I think they don’t sell them without the rounded edges.

Kirtlon Cashie says:

Great build! 1 more wood brew project in my to do list thanks guys!!

Devin Williamson says:

It's been a nice series

Works by Solo says:

Nice work, guys! I’m really liking this series of outdoor patio pieces. I like the informative VO too!

James Buchanan says:

Keep up the great work.

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