DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack

DIY Outdoor Firewood Rack

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Anonymous98 says:

Good job; nice guest house.

John Williamson says:

You are too funny!

Lindsay Shaw says:

I’m not fussy but even I wouldn’t stay in a fire pit 😝 Nice build.

Pedro Borbone says:

Actually, you are funny…

Reilly Hosking says:

Why do you use a battery saw in a shop

Noah Chavez says:

I dig the demo ranch hoodie

James Marshall says:

Nice build! I built my first woodshed a year ago 9' x 4' x 7' …I got all my materials from the landfill. Someone was throwing away 4" solid oak tounge-groove flooring, which had splintered upon rip up…so I put both sides through the table saw, ripping them to 3.5" ea. The flooring is pallets covered with 3/4" scrap plywood. The roofing is also scrap plywood covered with rubber sheet…from a H.S. basketball court- landfill obtained concrete blocks were set in-ground, and 4x4s of varying lengths were motise/tennoned and fastened together to create 4 usable 8' posts…

I added a 4x2x6' "cactus display" rack that Lowes was tossing…onto the side, and enclosed it with a broken fence panel that I bought from Lowes for $8.

I used birch trees from my property to accent the posts, and used birchbark as trim for the door…which has bear skull, a coyote skull, and old bow saws…

Dennis Downes says:

Cool……….I'm not sure what your "tiny home" looks like, but I love the glass (door or wall??). It reminds me of your garage doors on your shop……so beautiful to let the natural light in!

Richard M says:

I think you should make both one for drying and the other one dry wood

Captain Buggernuts says:

Love the content you create, but the recording of the voice-over being done outside takes so much away from it. Heaven forbid you have a subwoofer attached to your computer ( as we do), as it scares our dog each time, thinking there's a thunderstorm coming. Everything seems professional, and then the rumble from the wind starts.

Peter Reed says:

Love the project and the demolition ranch hoodie!!

iggyandangus says:

nice that in Texas you dont have to worry about snow load on your roof :0)

Tracy Keenan says:

Looks fantastic

Peter Lee says:

"Bend to my will….." I laughed. Clever, very clever.

Patrick Burnett says:

Did you build the tiny home? It looks really cool, I'd love to see more on that!

Jeff Mathers says:

Very Beautiful! The huge overhang will help, but I still wouldn't shed the roof towards the house. Admittedly, it's easier to access as installed and even looks better that way, but I can't keep my water management trigger from going crazy 😵😄

Derek Johnson says:

April- Love your work and have been following awhile. I would like to make one comment about the placement of your wood rack. Be cautious having it so close to a wood home. Termites here in Texas can be trouble. I'd suggest moving it from so close to the tiny home. Thanks for the video and I love the design!!!

DEW W says:

I thought it was very funny

German rc says:

Muy buenos vídeos si puedes subirlos con subtítulos por favor gracias desde argentina

Mike Nelson says:

You are correct – that size is fine for a Texas winter, but up here in Wisconsin where it got to -27F last week, that would probably only last a week. it's still a nice wood rack! 😀

Joe O's Channel says:

I've been looking at different design options for one of these lately and so far, I like yours best. Once winter is over (Northwestern Ontario Canada) and the snow is gone, I think I'll make one similar to yours but a little longer and with a heavy duty roof to withstand snowpack loads.
great video and great choice of wood. Western red cedar…I go through thousands of dollars of it every year.

Nate Bolton says:

I think we might do something like this down the line. We do fires in the summer as a gathering on our block (not just us but they happen around the neighborhood) this is a nice way to keep the wood out of the elements.

Jake Schisler says:

In last shot while you are standing next to it, what is crooked?

Mike Crowson says:

very nice Great Job

Gilbert Craven says:

Nice Demo Ranch hoodie at the end!

D Mac says:

April The Sawl Girl!

Philippe Piqué says:

Bonjour super vidéo je vais faire le méme merci pour l idée.

Rob Gibson says:

I don't get chamfering the base just to have the vertical supports overhang.

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