DIY Outdoor Movie Theater

DIY Outdoor Movie Theater

This DIY Outdoor Movie Theatre uses a small projector and a GoalZero solar powered generator to power it and the laptop.
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link to the projector we used:
link to the GoalZero Yeti 400:

link to GoalZero products:

We built the projection screen out of a 3 foot by 5 foot piece of concrete backboard using 2x4s for supports. we got all the materials from Home Depot.



HomeMadeModern says:

Link to the Jessies DIY Chair video:
link to the projector we used:
link to the GoalZero Yeti 400:

RAI S. MELLO says:

Exclusive cinema, …and the popcorn??? โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘

harbofdoom says:

Ahh that was one of my dads favorite movies

Dorian DeCorbenic says:

Great project! I like this, though I personally would prefer something more collapsible.
My movie suggestion is Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Its an Edgar Wright film, and is as fantastic as any of his movies.

David Moss says:

are there plans for this?

Sammy G Art says:

Yul Brynner FTW!

Shawn Crocker says:

Wow! On a beautiful evening like that it would be a shame to glue your eyes to a screen instead of the sky. This is an interesting channel but sometimes it just screams, "This is pointless and we only made it because we have to please our sponsors!"

Gareth Williams says:

Tremors would be a good film to watch out there in the dark.

Bruno Maegerle says:

How do you keep it from blowing over?

Elizabeth Long says:

".โ—”โ—”ยจ *
.thank you ;''';

The Redsmith says:

Gary told me he wants to watch the Chipmunks. All the four. In a raw.

Jack says:

That finishing touch in Jtree is perfect

Jack says:

Great content!

Rimi Costa says:

I love it when you guys read my mind for what I need to build

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