DIY Outdoor Sofa! | Woodbrew

DIY Outdoor Sofa! | Woodbrew

This week we are back and starting an outdoor project series! Starting off, we are building a chill, loungy outdoor sofa! Super simple with materials here, 4×4’s, 2×4’s, hand full of wood screws and pocket hole screws. And finishing it of with our new fav finish from Total Boat! Even if they are sponsoring this video, all honesty here, it’s our favorite now.

Check out the Halcyon Gloss Marine Varnish from Total Boat:

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Thomas Prendiville says:

Raises eyebrows "love seat" 😘😘

Matthew Hicks says:

Sofa turned out great! I’d be a little careful with just pocket holes. May be wise to add strips for bracing under the slats.

John Fithian-Franks says:

You should have fastened the pocket hole screws from the bottom in case you take the cushions in and it rains, by leaving the up water will puddle in the holes and it doesn't matter how good a finish is it will fail with standing water on it.

Jordan woodworking says:

Looks great, should be able to hold it’s on during a hurricane

Brian Byrne says:

So, how much weed does she smoke before these videos?

espn mk says:

love chunky outdoor furniture , great job guys keep up the great work…

Mark Arnold says:

It turned out great!

DIY G.A says:

nice sofa πŸ™‚

David Schubert says:

Super simple and super nice! πŸ‘πŸ»

Russell Hasting says:

Great vid! Thanks!

Brandon Lowe says:


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