DIY Pallets..Our Garden ProJect Firepit 2016 Benches.

DIY Pallets..Our Garden ProJect  Firepit 2016 Benches.

Our Project Firepit and benches made from Pallets…



Jan Carlos says:

Hi, can you tell me what size tile you used ?
I see the sides are 7 tiles x 3 titles . What length did you go for the back bench row ? Thank you in advance!

Jan Carlos says:

How big is the area for where the benches are? And how big is the outer area?

kittygalore2010 says:

Cost of materials? Beautiful project

Lorna Peck says:

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Logy Shaw says:

absolutely minted mate. going to try and copy it for our garden. What did it cost about apart from the pallets as I can get them from my work

steelbookman says:

This is fab, just what we are looking for Iam defo going to do this in the summer, do you attach the wood to the pallet using decking screws ?

E'Sheaka Lewis says:

Do you have a copy of supply list

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