DIY rustic side table made from free pallets.

DIY rustic side table made from free pallets.

This is a shabby-chic outdoor side table made using limited tools. Anyone with basic skills and a few tools can build this project in a weekend. I made mine using free pallets I found on Craigslist. I’ve also shown a simple method for taking pallets apart.

Read more about this project and download free plans here:


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Jack Water says:

looks good man thanks

Daniel Leffers says:

Will it hold 50 pounds?

Sue Cook says:

Hi, where you mention one board is on the inside and the other on the outside…. do you keep it the same on the bottom piece or alternate how you nail the boards (reverse them)?  Thanks!!

Charis Williams says:

I love pallets!

julissa ochoa says:

good saludos from mexico

Jovan A. says:

No luck on craigslist for me.. 🙁

dustyckn says:

can not get the plans ? pleas help with the dimensions ? thank you

Mulheres da Casa says:

Did I tell you how much I love your car????

kntwing says:

can you make those pallets like making a wooden bench?
how about a closet?

Gary Mehmet says:

Great video. I cannot wait to try this. Thank you Steve


Another great idea /project , thanks for sharing

Edward D. Wooden says:

I'm fairly new to woodworking. It is the multiple options presented when performing a task. They cover woodworking without using nails or screws, which means creating
connections between wood using various joining techniques.  It focuses on the craft of woodworking, which means taking time to join and sculpt wood to make project.

Frank Rizo says:

Nice job. Thanks for the how-to on breaking down the pallets.

DutchK tattoo says:

thank u for the inspiration sooo much


very inspiring…i want my own workshop

Дмитрий Корольков says:

yeaahhh! i find your channel.

Stephanie Dacres says:


Bazooka Bill says:

awesome video dude! nice workpiece even without tons of expensive tools.

Jan King says:

Are the plans still available? When I try the link for them I get an error message. I got an error message for a couple of them.

Rodrigo Hidalgo says:

Can anyone tell me what measurements they used?

Jayne Mercer says:

Thank You for the video , its great to find a project without industrial benches and machinery type tools being used , I will definitely give this a go as i'm wanting to make a small bed side table for a lamp , Thanks again , Jayne x

Reb San says:

When i click on the link for the plans. They don't come up. Can you help?

Joe Pool says:

i made this!

no name says:

FYI if anyone is looking for free pallets, find a local brewery! They all have piles and piles of pallets they can't wait to get rid of!!!

Miss Bec says:

I've just started taking woodworking lessons and stumbled across your blog. thank you soooo much, this is awesome. perfect for the beginner enthusiast 😀

Bruce McNally says:

Another great project. I enjoy your videos Steve, many thanks.

Chris Lucky says:

Liked this video and the tables quite a lot and made 3 tables myself!
Pity I couldn't attach my end products for you to see.

Freakiest Zebra says:

how many pallets did you use overall

TLGardens says:

Great vid! Perfect pace for my understanding. New sub.

B Cook says:

if the boards are the same length, and you glue one inside and one outside, then youre off-square by 1/8th of an inch……..isnt the board 1/8" deep? 'cause to me, that doesnt make sense why you would glue it that way. If you want it truly square, and the boards are all the exact same length, wouldnt you glue them the same way? inside/inside or outside/outside?

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