Do It Yourself Outdoor Cooler Stand

Do It Yourself Outdoor Cooler Stand

Here is the do it yourself outdoor cooler stand I built for my brother in law. The cooler stand is made from cedar and I modified the cooler with some additional installation.

If you build this cooler stand I would love to see it. Thanks for watching my do it yourself outdoor cooler stand.

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Tools I use

Mitre Saw
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Miter Gauge

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Shaun Boyd says:

Turned out great, man! And is that a laser on your X-Carve? Just when I thought I had it figured out!

View to a grill says:

Ok so this caught my eye because it says Johnny's Bar & Grill… I am Johnny and I have a grilling channel… did you make this for me… nice. new sub for you!

John Coonradt jr.5 says:

You didn’t understand My question, what did you do to keep the lid from opening up any further once you had it open what kept it from going all the way back.

John Coonradt jr.5 says:

What did you use to keep the door from opening all the way.

tjhoward19 says:

Great video. Next time, sinking a magnet in the back of that right leg to catch bottle caps makes for a great finishing touch!

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

Nice job! The deer antler is a nice touch too.

Brett Judson says:

Awesome job! But you mean pop not soda's, eh?!

Suzy Desilets says:

Kris! You went beyond our expectations, I especially love the finishing touches including the antler handle, bottle opener and of course the sign! We have already put this to great use, with you know…wobbly pops 🍻! We really appreciate your hard work and time that you put into this project and on a time constraint to boot, it means a lot to us. Looking forward to tipping back some cold ones with you one day! Cheers

Brendan Lee says:

Soda? C'mon you're Canadian it's Pop. Or wobbly pops more likely. Good build.

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