Dyfi Osprey Project (Wales) Live Stream

Dyfi Osprey Project (Wales) Live Stream

This is an osprey nest in mid Wales, one of only four in the country.

The chicks have been ringed; ringing blog and video here: http://www.dyfiospreyproject.com/blog/emyr-mwt/2019/06/30/ringing-2019

BERTHYN – 1st chick, female, 1,790g Blue KA1
PERIS – 2nd chick, male, 1,370g Blue KA2
HESGYN – 3rd chick, male, 1,330g Blue KA3

POSH PETE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppkMzte1iCk&t=328s

1st Chick Hatched: 20:50 on 26th May
2nd Chick Hatched: 04:02 on 27th May
3rd Chick Hatched: 05:39 on 29th May

1st Egg: Blog and Video here: http://www.dyfiospreyproject.com/blog/kim-mwt/2019/04/17/early-easter-egg
2nd Egg: Blog here: http://www.dyfiospreyproject.com/blog/kim-mwt/2019/04/20/right-cue-egg-number-two
3rd Egg: Video here: https://www.facebook.com/dyfiospreyproject/videos/2265297100353050/

AERON IS BACK!!! Blog here: http://www.dyfiospreyproject.com/blog/emyr-mwt/2019/05/12/aeron-returns

The Waiting Game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqt9gfz5lo8&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR2ffCxhAvBe16gohETmoVX2CX7hgKOwM6BRxPucYhFvSPilSRiUwRdK1KE

2019 Info:

Telyn (female) – Returned 30th March at 19:27
Monty (male) – Returned 1st April at 09:30

1st EGG: 17th April at 06:21
2nd EGG: 20th April at 05:58
3rd EGG: 23rd April at 04:41

2018 Info:

Monty – 10:16 on Sept 7th
Telyn – 11:31 on Aug 28th
Alys – 09:21 on Sept 4th
Helyg – 18:00 on Sept 2nd
Dinas – 11:51 on Aug 29th

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KS4 = Alys (Female, fledged 26th July aged 54.5 days)
KS5 = Helyg (Female, fledged 26th July aged 54.1 days)
KS6 = Dinas (Male, fledged 23rd July aged 50.1 days)

We’re building a new centre!!

Got any old coins..? http://www.dyfiospreyproject.com/blog/emyr-mwt/2018/07/01/got-any-old-coins

Welcome to Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust’s Dyfi Osprey Project live on YouTube 🙂

Here is our website with blogs and loads of useful info: http://www.dyfiospreyproject.com

BLOGS http://www.dyfiospreyproject.com/blog
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/dyfiospreyproject
TWITTER https://twitter.com/DyfiOspreys
INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/dyfi_osprey_project/
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