Grandpa’s Backyard Train Project

Grandpa’s Backyard Train Project

This is my completely homebuilt, made from junk, backyard train set. It’s portable and can be set up anywhere that’s relatively flat. It only took 1 million hours to make with 100 re-designs as I went! The track is PVC conduit and assembles and takes apart just like a toy train set. The train was made with lots of love for my grandkids!



Funtime Follys says:

Try adding the wheel mechanism

Frank Brown says:

Some great ideas,like the front being hinged to work on everything,also wish I’d went with a gas motor,the grandkids look like they are having a great time

Mariedth 21 says:

I enjoyed watching this video it gave me some inspiration to build my own backyard railroad, more for adults and kids though, if you ever decide to build another locomotive and want to make it more realistic, look at dummy wheels, they have no flange however should be able to look like they belong on the locomotive and if you where to add side rods no one would ever notice, hope to see more videos of this, great video.

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