How to Build a Garden Pond (DIY Project) FULL VIDEO!

How to Build a Garden Pond (DIY Project) FULL VIDEO!

My DIY Garden Pond Project Beginning to Completion.
Look looks like my pond after 1 month:
What to feed the fish! Feeding the carp in the pond, his pond.
The CLEAR pond, pond without chemicals !!! Quick clean up the pond.
Why pop-FISH! Aeration system for the pond!

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See the full process of creating my pond on my Russian channel:

PART 1: How to make a pond with his hands. Quickly and reliably make your own pond!
PART 2: Pond with his hands carp – 2.
Part 3: How to make a pond – a pond with fish – Part 3.
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Main reason is because you want one! Benefits are: its very soothing to look at and interesting to see all the wildlife it attracts – frogs, dragonflies, newts if you’re lucky and much more. You need to decide whether you want a natural wildlife pond or a formal one – I reckon formal ones are easier to build, but if you go for that option make sure there is somewhere that tiny froglets etc can climb out – a basket of eg water iris in one corner would do nicely.

Down side is occasionally you may need to empty it, especially if it isn’t big enough – you really need a minimum of about 8 x6 feet for the water to stay balanced well. You will need to put a net over it in autumn if there are trees nearby, to prevent a lot of leaves blowing into it. Digging the hole is hard work and you need to put the excavated stuff somewhere.

Get some books from the library about garden ponds – you will find heaps of helpful information. Better than looking on the net as you can keep referring to them.

Before you start

It’s easy to create a simple pond in your own garden. Always consider the following:
•The view of the feature from every angle of the garden and house.
•The type of pond – will you use a liner or a preformed pool?
•The size of the pond.
•The type of plants you wish to grow. Different plants require different depths of water.
•Avoid shady areas, especially near deciduous trees.
•Seek professional advice when constructing complicated designs and using electricity to operate pumps.

What to do

Marking out
•Define the perimeter of the pond, either with string, a length of hosepipe, or by trickling a layer of dry sand through your fingers.
• Remove the turf from the area and stack neatly away from the working place.

•Excavate the area with a spade to the depth of the first shelf. Mark the outline of the shelf with sand or string.
•Dig out the centre of the pond and either add additional shelves, or dig until the required maximum depth has been reached.
•Check each shelf is level.

Wildlife in mind
•Move the dug-out soil to another area of the garden.
•Check the sides of the pond following the profile you intended. It’s a good idea to give one side of the pond a gentle slope to offer animals, such as hedgehogs, a means of escape if they fall in.

Lining the pond
•Remove any lumps or sharp stones from the hole. Then spread a 3cm (1.2in) layer of soft builder’s sand over the area. This will help protect the butyl liner being punctured.
•A layer of pond underlay or old carpet above the sand will provide additional protection.
•Get a friend to assist in unfolding the butyl liner. Spread it evenly over the hole taking care not to damage it by dragging it on the ground. Secure the sides of the liner with bricks.

Filling up
•Start filling the pool with water and pull the edges of the liner so that it fits neatly over the contours of the pond.
•Continue filling the hole with water until the pond is full.
•Trim the sides of the liner leaving a 30cm (12in) overlap around the sides of the pond.
•Cover these with paving slabs, or if you want to create a more natural effect, lay turf up to the water’s edge.
•The liner should be covered to prevent sunlight causing it to perish. Position plants and add oxygenators. If you want to add fish wait six weeks until the plants are established.



Ellie Chanski says:

In all honesty. I don't like it at all.

Mary Benson says:

Not very pretty. Hopefully prettier with plants and fish.I would also add large rocks at edges. And need pump and filter.

jagdeep bhagat says:

Add koi fish

Divyansh sao says:

How to filter water

Nicole Jenkinson says:

It is his pond not anyone's else's and if he chooses to have a different colour liner so be it! Not all ponds have to have big filters and water falls and so forth again its up to him and what he wants! if you don't like it make your own pond in your own garden and shut the fuck up!!…… Thanks for the video hope your enjoying your pond.

Tommy Paton says:

Wow that's deep better put a fence round it are a kid will drown

Ruth Albenze says:

Я думаю, что это прекрасный пруд, и вы должны гордиться собой. Я не думаю, что у меня будет решительность и видение. Продолжайте великую работу и надейтесь, что все будет хорошо с вашими усилиями.

You F'coffee says:

Personally using these materials I would put the sand in first then the plastic liner and then given it a layer of cement which I would have stuck the cobbles onto.

Chopped pork 99 says:

I would not want to be the fish living in that thing or so called pond

joseph martin says:

Geez will u guys cut him a lil slack??? This is obviously not downtown USA!!! The guys was using basically a sharpened elephant tusk for a knife lol!! If u wont say it i will for u Ryback fuck all these haters!!! Great pond and HARD WORK!!

4thGloryMonday says:

great vid man. wish my soil was as easy to work with like urs, had to hire a back hoe to come out and finish my dig

Cat O says:

Simply ghastly!!!

Giannalikes2draw says:

Did anyone notice the chicken in the background???

kebabish007 says:

love your job hard work 10 out 10

Austin g says:

New title edit : How not to build a garden pond..

Marie M says:

Looks like you did a lot of work but there must be a way to build a pond without all the plastic.  What happens to the plastic over time I wonder?

deezie says:

nice video, your pond is beautiful***


Anna Bean says:

Never put a water feature in your yard without some type of movement. It beomes breeding ground for mosquitos!

Carol Farkas says:

some wind-up plastic fish would go great with that blue plastic liner

partypoison485 says:

wow…. this is bad.
the water has no movement to it whatsoever, i bet it will turn into an algae filled pit of death.. you need aeration in the water, mate. otherwise, all you have built is a stagnant pit that is an eyesore.
you Russians are an unique bunch… there were so many things about this pond that doesn't make any sense.. but, as long you are happy.. i guess.

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