How to Build a Ground Level Deck

How to Build a Ground Level Deck

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In this video we show you in detail how to build a deck close to the ground. It starts with removing a concrete pad and continues with digging the foundation holes, framing, decking boards, stairs and more. We hope you find this video helpful and good luck with your project. Craig Heffernan



stars17fires says:

How much would that cost to do

Jeffrey Wood says:

What is the material list for this project

Primorsky Vasily says:

Wood rots in soil in a year or two. An example of how not to build.

Ron Perino says:


Marc Aliventi Aliventi says:

Great ideas, I live in northern New Hampshire need to build a walkway from home to top of road

Justin Mcnamara says:

Should of spread the decking.. it's gonna hold water and snow.. and expand in the winter

Caveman Genius says:

High quality job well done

Emil Siapno says:

So if you don't remove the concrete below, the deck will eventually move? Also, did you router ALL the planks on the deck?

sakiusa matanatabu says:

wananavu boys

MrWb11 says:

Love the way you speed up the video. Great job.

M D says:

That is some seriously impressive and precise work. Beautiful result.

Oceanview says:

nice. but I would of kept it natural.

Brittany Butts says:

I helped my Uncle Maury (RIP) build his deck back in 1983, when I was seven. And by help, I mean I hammered about two nails! Did he hammer every nail? Watching this, it's making me tired thinking that he didn't have the power tools that you are using here! Anyway, the deck is still standing. And I still bring up how I helped my uncle build it everytime I go to that house!

Samuel Lunsford says:

Im impressed… well done

Diego Encalada says:


6string says:

the winter frost can only lift concrete if it gets underneath it, if you go down below the frost line (4ft) with concrete and and come up say 2ft around the post what is the problem? Then use dirt in the remaining 2ft.

Sam-N7 Nevada says:

I never saw workers going that fast doing such a nice job ! Did you notice those rapid arm movement ? L🤔L
Great video, I did not expect learning so much out of it , thanks ☺

doc25phd says:

how do i know these guys are experts .coz they drill holes first before putting screws in ….so many people just screw directly into the wood ….why wood cracks …warps …. is directly coz of that ….moisture… expanding ..great job guys

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