How To Build Backyard Concrete Pond or Pool – Part Six Finishing Project

How To Build Backyard Concrete Pond or Pool – Part Six Finishing Project Click on this link for a few more videos on how I built a round pond in my backyard. This is part six and the final pictures of my pond construction and will give you a pretty good idea what it took to pour the concrete and finish the pond. It might be difficult to tell by the pictures, but this is an extremely difficult process and if you don’t really know how to finish concrete, it could be out of your league. A square pond would be easier to build. For more information about construction, feel free to visit our websites.



Fliberbizigit says:

HI, I wonder if the pond was poured in 2 pours, or just one? Thanks.

JR says:

That looks amazing. very impressive. great work!

gregvancom says:

This reply is for Jeremy: no I didn't use any sealers at all and would imagine that some water actually works its way through the concrete, but it must not be much. When we're not running the waterfall in the wintertime, the water level seems to stay the same.

Jeremy Faden says:

I have a concrete pond that was built 70 years ago and buried 50 years ago which I've dug out.  One thing I was wondering is if it really needs to be sealed with a pool paint.  I take it you didn't do that, and should I expect that concrete will be waterproof?

Curt Staats says:

Greg:  Thanks for this great series of videos.  I am attempting something similar, but less complicated.  I made some forms, but am wondering, once I pour the concrete, how do you know when you can pull the forms and start troweling? Also, how did you repair the area that popped out when you pulled the forms?

justin segall says:

Hi Greg, I didn't hear you touch subject on the plumbing. You will have a waterfall coming in, but where is the water outlet? how does the water get circulated? thanks! 


Where is the picture of everyone chillin with it full of water enjoying them beers?!

nitin talwar says:

I need some advice on pond making for my front yard…I will send u some pictures of it.

gregvancom says:

I will see if I can make a video in a couple of days, right now it's raining. My wife actually uses a basement sump pump, connected to a flexible line that takes the water up to the top of the waterfall. However, sometimes these pumps only last a few months and I believe currently she actually paid almost $200 for a pond pump, from Lowe's that seems to have lasted at least six months, this seems to have been the best investment so far.

Robert McCrory says:

I'm looking into building a pond similar to this (but square) in my backyard. Can you tell me how the plumbing comes into play as far as getting the water back out of the pond and up to the waterfall? Do you just lay it loose into the concrete pond?

gregvancom says:

Thanks it was a lot of work, I think the hardest days I've spent working in the construction industry usually had something to do concrete and this was one of them.

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