How To Create A Stylish Outdoor Entertainment Area | Outdoor | Great Home Ideas

How To Create A Stylish Outdoor Entertainment Area | Outdoor | Great Home Ideas

Tara and Jason transform an unused carport taking up valuable real estate in a family’s backyard and transform it into functional and stylish entertaining space.

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Llama Legend says:

Almost all the comments are complaining about the tiles and honestly, I agree

Florence Perez says:

They should've just whitewashed the brick…

John Berg says:

They should let the brick be brick, those tiles made it look like a public bathroom in a strip mall.

Trung Vũ Hoàng says:

wtf they will ruin the air conditioner, it needs space to release temperature, if you cover it like that, it would get so hot when you use

Anton Pineapple says:

It evokes the Palm Springs look, but it is concrete and gravel against loud colors. I’m not sure it’s worth the expense to tile since paint is cheaper. Love your plant selection. Weird to see how you’re willing to put this style in Australia.

Wolfwildgirl21 says:

16:08 me thirsty sclcslscl 😂😂😂

Cherrose says:

Excellent make over but I would have put different colour tiles in then that bluey colour … Tara and Jason 👍🏼🕊

mermaid blue says:

I actually like the tiled back it looks good because everything is like neutral and it adds a pop of color

Matthew Lavergne says:

If you want to make it yourself just look for woodprix website. There is all you need to make it 🙂

Madan Mathi says:

Blue and white tile sucks

Katywu Ste says:

The couple loved it so that’s all that matters. Or were they being polite?

Sabeer Ali says:

Hi brothers
Peace be on you.,
I saw an Image Day Grass Bed in pinterest. I'd like to see making video. Is it available in your channel?

Sanjay Soorma says:

the blue and white tiles wall is so ugly

Juhani139 says:

The tiles need to go. Absolutely.
1. I'd keep the brick wall and hang a big frame with a landscape painting, with a lamp above to draw the eye to the painting. Or just add a hanging plant in the middle of the frame. Then add some wall lamps on either side to add atmosphere.
2. Otherwise I'd cover the brick with vertical wood slats, either painted a neutral colour, gray or varnished for a more natural look. I'd bring in a hanging plant or two again in front of it (to bring the garden into the space to tie the two together). And add lighting to make it more cozy.
They definitely need something on that wall – they need a talking point.

The table and chairs in the centre take up all the space. It's such a great space. Add wood box chair around the edge of the space (like they do in their other videos).
The space needs to be softened. Maybe before guests arrive, they can hang a soft gauze white curtain on the side garden's side, right up against the wall. Maybe add another one on the other side as well, and tie both back. That'll create a frame for the side garden.

The ideas and possibilities are literally endless. No idea why they went with the bathroom look.

Abegayle Locop says:

Dinner in the bathroom? Sorry, it didn't work for me.

Warren Powers says:

Horrible. Legit thought the thumbnail was the 'before' 😂😂 they said 'Sinatra' not 'white-trash kitchen' 😂😂😂

mike a says:

it's beautiful good jobs

Lata Barua says:

Hiding the AC compressor was amazing. I hope it does not impact the functioning

Susan Fudge says:

I hate those tiles.

Born Free Live Free says:

D worst frm tara

Mrs. Garcia says:

Ok that's Jason's dog, catching up now. 😂

One Angry Fucer says:

Those tiles look liek I use for urinating on. awww shet.

Birdie says:

You guys did a fantastic job, from drab to fab!!!

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