How to make outdoor concrete and wood bench

How to make outdoor concrete and wood bench

My parents wanted a bench to go with the concrete fire pit I made for them. I decided to reuse the wooden forms from that project to make a bench. The bench consists of 2 blocks of concrete made from Quikrete 5000 and three 8-foot long 4x6s that I got from home depot. Four 4x4s would have worked just as well. I did this project in southern California so frost heave isn’t a problem, which is why I was able to do it without digging deeper. The wood isn’t actually attached to the concrete but rather sits within recesses in the concrete blocks. I am thinking about making the bench L-shaped in the future so I wanted to be able to disassemble it if needed.

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قناة روشان says:

good jop I'm happy for you (:

Saw Nerdar says:


Robert Byerly says:

I have Chickens… they are good "inspector's". The bench looks really cool.

Elenka Sansamilia says:

exelent job

Patricia Gauto müller says:

muy lindo trabajo los felicito me encantó!!!??

david mathews says:

Nice bench. But why does it look like youre wearing a ladies blouse? Not that it matters. Love the fire pit.

Kerry Villar says:

Awww the chickens are so cute

mark seifried says:

I love the Buff Orin ton Chickens

Kayla Polson says:

omg the chickens!!! so cute

linda silver says:

Wow. Can you cook on this also? (I ask bc one video said concrete healthy for cooking on). What do you say?

ana patricia ocampo carcuz says:

la cara de triste al final de video es terrible jajaja

a wild pidgey lvl 10 says:

those chicken tho

Alvin Al says:

I need to pause this and make some coffee first

Florence Binder says:

brilliant idea., but how durable is the concrete block without metal, steel in it?

Wilson Gomez says:

Wonderful video! I have a question, what type of wood do you use for this project? Should I coat with anything? Thank you.

Dank Dale420 says:

I love your work, I just feel like the bench is a bit too close to the fire pit.

Gmon3y 142 says:

after nearly two years, how are they holding up without reinforcement or fibers in the concrete mix?

The Loobis says:

1:50 AHH! chickens!

Eastern67 says:

U R an Artist ..Thanks for sharing this

John Yarbrough says:

dang thats nice. well done

فراس السلام says:

عمل جيد جدا

Asmaa m says:

Thanks for sharing 🌹 would you please mention what kind of (wood cutter) and (sanding machine) do you used and liked, I dont know what's the best brand , if you could help me, Thanks🌹

Jason Moore says:

Each time things get tedious, with the saw, chickens appeared. Great vid. Beautiful bench Sir.

JJ Luv says:

I love it 🤗

古栎 says:

"Yeah! Chiks like that!"

Tasos Vasiliou says:

very nice, thank you

Andrès Lohlé says:

Really nice build! Ya ask me? You should align the wooden grooves with the centers of the concrete blocks! 😉

zahntechnica says:

polystyrene would have worked as well for the infill. 🙂

Drew Peterson says:

Can't find 4×6's to save my life… could use other sizes but I like the look of the 4×6.

Dan says:

Very Nice, I will incorporate some of these ideas when I get to my project this fall, thanks!

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