How To Make Your Own Japanese Zen Garden: Part 2 | Gardening | Great Home Ideas

How To Make Your Own Japanese Zen Garden: Part 2 | Gardening | Great Home Ideas

Jason creates a peaceful Japanese-inspired garden.

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Patience DIY says:

Oh, I'm totally doing this, this is perfect!

J E ss E Y says:

My mum is obsessed with your show. She always takes inspiration from your videos and especially loves the DIY and gardens. Hi from new Zealand

Ismalia stabile Rosa da silva says:

My God! Transformou o lugar!!! Parabéns!!!

Taco Cat says:

I really want a zen garden now

LagiNaLangAko23 says:

How to stop cats turning that into a litterbox though.

OddBirdy says:

The bob Ross of landscaping ladies and gentlemen

Richard Smout says:

Zen gardens are anything but low maintenance, that's kind of the point

Bondan Heru says:

Is zeolit good for outdoor zen sand?

Mark T says:

this dude is legit


Nice n simple

Henry Co says:

Nice dog po

SHIVA seth says:

Gravel / Bamboo water fall awesome

Bonsai Binh Dinh says:

Hello, vườn cây bạn đẹp quá

alright says:

wait till that dog shits all over

EllieLiLi says:

Wow it looks so so so nice OMG😍😍😍

D R says:

I love watching these videos in the winter. Where I'm from it's -20 to -35 degrees Celsius about five months a year. Add to that up to 60 km/he winds. Nothing grows 🙁

Thor says:

There's A Website
That Sells Only Exotic Asian Trees To Build Your Own Epic Zen Garden

Touge Evo says:

those god damn boulders cost so much in the states.

Marina B says:

I would be so happy to have him around

we are the Williams williams says:


4 ohm says:

what a accent

Dutchman89 says:

hey florida where r ur flamingos bitch

Amit Kumar says:

and that's awesome!!

Tuan Minh says:

Can I asking in 0:27 what do you call it name ? Really impressive.

Dr. Toni Y. Pender says:

I can create this! Very 👍, thanks for sharing.

Nathan Longfellow says:

He makes everything look so easy and affordable.

MyNamesReg says:

Why the fuck are these videos like 3 min long

genma5158 says:


Fahd Ajmi says:

From my experience it's not that hard to have the garden of your dream if you have enough money of course the hard thing is how to keep your garden looks the same or maybe better with the bad weather issues its very hard.

Lex Nuss says:

Zen comes from "chan", which comes from "Dhyan"- all meaning meditation or mind in the middle of the whole big integral whatever it is…Pebbles don't blow away. Weeds are the issue.

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