Project – How to build a quick and easy garden bench out of redwood 2×6’s and 2×4’s

Project – How to build a quick and easy garden bench out of redwood 2×6’s and 2×4’s

In this video I make a 5 foot garden bench out of 2×4’s and 2×6’s.

Free plans available on my website.
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JPVegh says:

Holy moley that thing is built stout! Should hold my fat ass and then some.

Levi Weaver says:

How many drills do you have?!

Todd Poulton says:

Holy lard ass, Batman!!!

You overbuilt that unless it is for the set of My 600 Pound Life on TLC….

We have big people in my family, and the bench we had for a decade only had a 2×4 in each corner, coming down at an angle, crossed to make exes on the ends……never felt any flex…..

Tommy says:

Wow looks sturdy enough to hole a 1967 Pontiac Bonneville

mrshammerhankus says:

making this tomorrow. no pocket hole jig or counter sink bits, so, it will be a little cringey but my mom will love it.

Ken Chhang says:

Thank You for the video. I downloaded the blueprint, bought one 2x6x10 and four 2x4x8, and 4 hours later I got a bench. Thank you very much. My wife loves the bench.

Pheobe Tang says:

Do you a list of cut size?

Ben Isackson says:

Great video. Can I make the same design but without the 'frame' as shown in 2:35?

serban popescu says:

IMHO, without glue it will not stand the test of time; all these screws are going to slacken and the bench will get wobbly.

aleon1018 says:

I worked with a guy for a week and couldn't understand why he still preferred Phillips over Torx screws. Yes, there is some junk screws out there in both, but that's why you buy a known brand that works consistently. This project here is far more involved, but shows what can be done that can last longer and look cleaner, without screw heads showing that also contribute to more maintenance. And I also dislike toxic treated lumber. I worked in a cheap lumber mill and that crap would soak through your gloves ! I'd look into using reclaimed barn wood also. 😛

Chilli-Billy says:

you've got a lot of drills

EmmaMorgan09 says:

Can I use old pallet timber?


I just love to watch what you build, you make it look so easy. Gonna try to build it.

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