Simple Tree Platform DIY ~ Backyard Upgrades #8

Simple Tree Platform DIY ~ Backyard Upgrades #8

Simple Tree Platform DIY ~ Backyard Upgrades #8

In the last video I built a backyard zipline for my family and friends. And at that time we had to use a ladder to reach the cable.
So in this video I am building a simple diy tree platform to help reach it without the need for a ladder.
This concept can also be used as a small tree house or fort for your kids.
I am also using reclaimed wood from an old playground to keep costs low keep it from going in the landfill.

This is the 8th edition of our Backyard Upgrades Series, and the playlist can be found below.

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J Jo says:

A very practical and loving gift to your family and visitors…that of safety! God bless your heart. : )

nick longstaffe says:

Always getting better

naga raj says:

Wow supper……👌👌👌👌🙏

Alex Mosley says:

You inspire me all the time. I've got the perfect spot in my back yard for a zip line. Thanks your the best!

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