Summer 2011 DIY Lap pool project

Summer 2011 DIY Lap pool project

I used to swim a lot before i moved to Richmond and was looking for another way to get in shape, without wasting time going and coming back from a gym when i have my gym in my basement. So, In popped the idea of having my own pool…but my backyard is so small? I figured I’d dig a hole, some cinder blocks, plaster, and attach myself by a harness to the garage wall. Well it turned into a bigger project with a 4hp pump to make it endless with no harness. On top of that, by the time I was done building it, getting in shape by swimming in it wasn’t as pertinent lol! –some people have asked about price… i did it myself to not incur cost 🙂 I salvaged as much as I could…so your costs depend on whether you enjoy the hunt of a deal or if you just go and buy things….



2wheelspy says:

Lots of hard work put in. Well done.

Shannon Louise says:

I love this spa!!!==> I got it for Christmas and it is truly worth every penny,,,

Rios Moodie says:

if you want to know how to make it yourself , just go to woodprix website. There you'll find your answers 🙂

יונתן סנה says:

realy want to know where i can get the swim jet manifold i cant get it anywhere in israel..

F M says:

Thanks for making this video is very inspiring check out your channel subscribe👍🏼

บุปผา นรนัติ says:


Bamboo Group Info says:

wow cool insane dude

modvs1 says:

Total cost (roughly)?

zakiyyah staley says:

How much did it cost you

Mar K says:

Didn't notice you put down anything like gravel, as a bed for the concrete. Did you?How thick did you lay the concrete?Just want to understand, you laid the 2×4 on the length of the pool and laid the rebar parallel to them ? How far apart was the rebar? Or did you lay it cross thatch like. Or did you lay it going across the width of the pool ?Sorry I know nothing about this . (but I am still going to do it)

Mar K says:

Great job!
The concrete floor: Did you just mix up a bag or two at a time and pour it? How long did that take to do the entire floor? And advise on the concrete floor application.?
Plastered interior: have any pics of you doing this? The plaster is not listed in you supplies. What kind/brand. Did you have to do anything to make it waterproof?
One of the Best dyi videos yet ! You make it look possible. Thankyou

كاظم الحلفي says:

لا جذب شباب المشترك الغو الشتراك

Just Karri says:

I didn't see an overall cost.

Phteven says:

Air – Universal Traveler


حسام الحاج مصطفى says:

great job my friend

Gabe Petro says:

Them jets look righteous

MW99 says:

Haha, "the worst best idea"

Rolling Cottage says:

u did an outstanding job! fantastic!!

annabelle lopez says:

are you really spend that kind of money ? i want one

Yep 57 says:

WTF is with that music!

Joanne Haywood says:

Nice to watch a video on the reality of building your own pool, turned out really good, the hard work and frustration payed off well done

Melissa Davison says:

So awesome !!!!! Wow……your smart. Great job.

Shine C says:

rough as guts

Nuttakand Saleewan says:

good job man !

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