Upcycled Wood Outdoor Bench Garden Bench DIY 60 inch

Upcycled Wood Outdoor Bench Garden Bench DIY 60 inch

Using old deck wood we build a diy 60 inch outdoor wood bench, garden bench , from plans found here, http://howtospecialist.com/outdoor-furniture/2×4-bench-plans/

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Tom Potter says:

Good job I I like when you do projects not related to math ๐Ÿ™‚

Raghavendra Rajadhyaksha says:

Great job friend. Good sketch and Bill of Material on paper. Proper planning.

Kenny Rogers says:

Hi!! Nice to see u again!!! Woow!! Very nice and creativity wooden bench!!! Great work!!! See u anytime!!!

Miss En says:

Thats so cool how you reused wood!, this is exactly like a story problem (^.^)

NielsBohr107 says:

Great job, itโ€™s nice to see all that wood recovered and given new life!

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