10 DIY Room Decor and Desk Organization Ideas For Spring – 10 Awesome DIY Projects

10 DIY Room Decor and Desk Organization Ideas For Spring – 10 Awesome DIY Projects

Ten easy tutorials for Spring room and desk decorations. In this video I show how to make DIY cherry blossom clock, paper flower garland, pendant lamp with three flower pots, watercolor lilac phone case, book covers and bookends (mineral stones), coasters, pencil holder and pencil topper. Enjoy!

Before starting the description of every project, I want to pay your attention to the color palette I chose – pink, white, green-yellow, gold.

DIY #1 – Cherry Blossom Wall Clock
You will need a canvas (20×20 cm), cheap clock, cotton swabs, hair tie (or rubber band), pink, brown and green acrylic paint.
In this project I show an easy way to draw a cherry blossom. So anyone can draw it fast and beautiful.

DIY #2 – Paper Flower Garland
You will need green, pink and white paper. It is super easy to make and looks absolutely gorgeous.

DIY #3 – Pendant Lamp made of Flower Pots
(my boyfriend’s favourite :))
You will need 3 small flowerpots, white acrylic paint, a ruler, fairy lights (Christmas lights) and artificial plant.
Everything is very easy but looks just awesome. Just amazing. Just… Ohhh! I am seriously in love with all my creations, but this one is from my top list 🙂

DIY #4 – Grass Book Cover
You will need a book and paper – white, green and green-yellow.

DIY #5 – Mineral Stones Bookends
I found the mineral called Rhodochrosite. It is pink, so it might be in my Spring room décor according to the palette 🙂 lol So I’ve decided to recreate it with regular stone from the street.
You will need a stone from the street (stone, piece of asphalt or cement, whatever), acrylics (silver, pink, gold), nail polish (neon pink, red glitter), holographic red glitter, hair spray.
Experiment with colors! These stones looks fantastic!

DIY #6 – Fallen Petals Coasters
You will need a photo frame (10×10 cm), green, white and pink paper, hole punch. Easy, fast, beautiful and useful! Yeah! :)))

DIY #7 – Cherry Blossom Candles
You’ll need white candles, acrylic paints (lights pink, pink, green-yellow) and cotton buds.
Don’t worry – acrylic paint is safe for decorating candles! Tested! 🙂

DIY #8 – Pencil Holder with Fallen Petals
Green, white and pink paper, hole punch and wine glass – super fast and easy. But looks cool! 🙂

DIY #9 – First Leaves Pencil Topper
The first leaves are the most beautiful, aren’t they? So I’ve decided to “revive” a pencil. Like if it would be able to grow leaves as a branch. 🙂
You will need a pencil, a piece of sandpaper, artificial plant (mine was for aquarium) and a hot glue gun.
Looks great! 🙂

DIY #10 – Lilac Phone Case in Watercolor
I love the easy way to draw a lilac I’ve invented. 🙂
You will need – cupcake liner, watercolor paint (magenta, purple, green, brown and black) and clear phone case.
Drawing with DIY stamps made of regular home stuff is fun! 🙂

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