10 DIY Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

10 DIY Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

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10. The Under Bed Storage
This is the advantage of having one under the bed. When you think that storage next to the bed isn’t enough, this one can be an alternative for you.

9. Clever DVD Collection Storage
This storage is definitely a clever way to save your DVD collection without consuming some considerable amount of space as it’s located under the bed.

8. Clothes Storage Organizer
This DIY closet idea will help you organize your clothes in a simple way.

7. Pipeline Hacks
If you have a ton of shoe pairs and need smart storage to store them, this pipeline shoe rack idea would be the answer to that problem.

6. Baskets Storage
Kids room can be one the scariest rooms at home due to kids’ bad habits of scattering the toys all over the place, but they’re reluctant to tidy them back to where they’re supposed to be.

5. Emergency Storage
Space in the bedroom that is often left unused would be one near the ceiling. If you can find nowhere to put your books in the bedroom storage, this notion would be your life savior.

4. Divider Storage
A partition wall can be built out of a cabinet or book rack. It’s when your bedroom doesn’t come with a divider or partition, but by using a book rack, it’ll get you covered.

3. Beautify the Corner
Installing a shelf on the corner can be a smart move to adorn the uncanny corener that doesn’t fit with the rest of the room.

2. Secret Storage
A door can be a small storage too if you put an over door hook and hang some of your clothes there.

1. Double Advantage Storage
This will be the best DIY that you can do for the bedroom. It can function both as storage and the bed or bench at the same time.

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