10 easy DIY projects for your bedroom

10 easy DIY projects for your bedroom

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10. Flower Lampshade
9.Cupcake Flower Lights
8.Faux Flower Monogram
7.Letters with Flowers
6.Shutters clipboard Photo Frames idea
5.Light It Up
4.DIY Swinging Chair
3. Stylish Electrical Tape Door
2.Hacking Ikea Curtain
1. A reading Nook for your little Princess
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Sherrie Carr says:

GREAT !!!!!!

Mary Pop Hins says:

La voix est insupportable.
J'arrête net.🤤

Loli Luxe says:

Mmm…its not knitting..its macrame..and do not use a hula hoop… it will fail…. you need a strong frame…
I think softening the voice over would be very helpful… but nice video… but the voice over is jarring. Just softer and slower would be great… there are a lot of videos and information on perfecting your voice for voice overs…just a suggestion. have a great day.

Evelia Hernandez says:

I love the lamp😍

Deneisha Lowe says:

Don't like your voice

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