10 Fun DIY Projects To Decorate Your Home

10 Fun DIY Projects To Decorate Your Home

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Tabatha Wilson says:

CALLING ANN REARDON …Ann Reardon where are ya my girl?!? πŸ§πŸ‘ƒπŸΎπŸ‘€πŸ§πŸ€”

Julie Torell says:

… or a Cat Mat <3

huiwunz art says:

My house renovation Budget: $1000000
Their monthly payments: $900092837389919738391918388911

huiwunz art says:

Nobody has any of these things lying around lol plus if anyone tried to make these they keep having to go to shops to buy stuff

Alexandra Zhupanov says:

The towel carpet is from 5 minute crafts

Jolie Tran says:

Looks like we have to waste money

Mazzz Haz says:

2:49 when you feel like being extra af πŸ˜‚

darkexcalibur87 says:

Looks like that router might overheat one day…

Nathalia says:

Supeeeer MERCIIII !!!!!!!!!!!!

leah regan says:

Lol the β€œeasy string art” I made before. Ouch I hammered my fingers so much and also the paper got stuck under the nails and the nails kept coming undone. But my sister still loved it just not that easy as shown lmao

Victoria Neu says:

3:47 that mica prob came from an illegal plant in india where kids are forced to work in DANGEROUS mines

PositiveSarcasm says:

what the hell is a kitchen torch

Daniel Whidden says:

Why am I even watching this I am 13 and don’t own a house

Hufflepuff 12 says:

Excuse me, holographic?!?! Um, no

BOOS BOOS :3 says:

Or you can just buy a shower mat.-.

Hannah Walker says:

Here's a HaNdY hAcK: Buy an old garden chair, sand it to look 'rustic' then sell it to a hippie for a hundred bucks.

Kim Taehyung says:

Someone got the feeling of like you think you can do it then you triend but then you just wasted everything. Only me? Ok then.

Alistair Salisbury says:

at least it's better than troom troom or 5-minute crafts

Dahlia Kassim says:

Lemme check if i have those industrial, modern looking working tools, laying around under mybed or beneath the kitchen sink

Once i found them, i'll start those projects right away.

Lauren Holt says:

There's literally no positive comments. Chill people. They're just trying to spread ways to be creative give them a break

Lindsey Morrison says:

Why go through all the hard work making that towel bathmat? Just to toss it in the washer and dryer seeing it all fall apart. Just use one of the towels you are going to be cutting up, lol.

Bloxburg Logan says:

9:20 who has the time to do this

Blossom says:

I think sum of these are hazardous especially the router one😲😲😲😲 plastic n heat bad…πŸ”₯

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