10 home decorating ideas | craft ideas | Fashion pixies | Diy crafts | Diy projects

10 home decorating ideas | craft ideas | Fashion pixies | Diy crafts  | Diy projects

DIY | diy wall decor | craft ideas | diy home decor | fashion pixies | wall decoration ideas | diy room decor
| Diy | wall art decor | art craft | Easy crafts | fashion pixies crafts
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candle holder wall decor ideas :-

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In this video :-
1) decoration ideas
2) home decorating ideas
3) decoration ideas for room
4) room decor
5) living room decor
6) cheap room decor
7) modern living room decor ideas

8) best out waste
9) Best out of waste craft
10 ) Diwali decoration ideas
11) large art work
12) wall art
13) cardboard crafts
14) art and craft ideas
15)homemade crafts
16) diy crafts to decorate your room
17) hand craft

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Sana Wajahat says:

Ye MIRROR REFLECTIVE PAPER kahan se Miley ga????????????

Sandy ahlquist odea says:

the one that was made with the black and gold hearts was the cutest one.

Zahra's Art says:

Looks so popt, I will try this

Fara Shaik says:

Please share the product links

Doll vs Poetry says:

Great work, but why not give a few seconds to see the finished product???🤔

Krystal Griffin says:

Very talented😁👍🏽👍🏽

Pooja Narwade says:

Which type of candle this is…..

Mehndi Hassan Jicrul says:

লাইটের নাম কি আর কোথায় পাওয়া জায় একটু বলবেন

Paola Droguett says:

Que hermoso

aber shalbi says:

ماشاءالله روعه 👍👍👍👏

Lorena.esmirna M.h. says:

Muy lindo todo gracias por compartir.

أميرة فى بيتى says:

إذا ضاق صدر المرء عن سر نفسه فصدر الذي يستودع السر أضيق. النفس تطمع في الدنيا وقد علمت أن السلامة ترك ما فيها

AR AH says:

I like some of the ideas, but the colouring so dark!! I think if you try cheerful colours, it well give much attractive results 🌷

Easy Designs and Diys With everyday items says:


manupriya thabeeths says:

What are those small lights?

Sherry Berardino says:

If only I could draw ,

Abigail J says:

Nice presentation. The step by step pace of the video is spot on. It doesn't need to be slower. Thank you for your creative ideas.

Febina p Febna p says:

Good & super 👌

Wildlife says:

Really appreciate your craft skills loved it thanks for sharing your skills and help appreciate your efforts and knowledge.😍👍😊

Divya Singh says:

I liked 1,7,9 and 10.

Ildete Santos says:

Lindas ideas 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍

jivika garwal says:

nice vvvv nice

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