20 Lit Small Bedroom Organizing Ideas Worth Trying

20 Lit Small Bedroom Organizing Ideas Worth Trying

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20.DIY Suspended Wooden Shelf

19.DIY IKEA Drawer to Bed Hack
Main Tutorial (Translaate it |it’s in German) :https://funkelfaden.de/diy-ikea-hack-bett-selber-bauen/
Supportive source:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XQn2D6F-jU

18.How to Build a Closet Loft

17.DIY Metal Wall Grid

16. How to Make Leather Mail Organizer

15.Hidden Rolling Dresser Drawer (Vid)

14.Hexagon Shelf How-To

13. Making Your Own Rolling Storage Crates

12. Underbed Storage Idea by sawdust2stitches

11.Sliding Door Under $40

10. Bedside Pocket Organizer

09. Compfy Pillow Beds (Video from 1:09 – 2:19)

08. Old Cabinets Turn to 2 Bunk Bed for Girls with Storage

07.Over the Door Organizer Turned Bedside Storage

06.Updated Kitchen Command Center.
Note:*Misplace entry guys, I am big sorry that. Anyway, if you use this idea for your bedroom, no one is going to humiliate you right?

05.DIY: Bed on Wheels

04.Open Concept Rustic Modern Tiny House with Small Bed

03.Do-It-Yourself Bed With Drawers

02.DIY Upside-Down Optical Illusion Bookshelf (Vid)

01. DIY Floating Organizer (Video)
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Kiri Masterso says:

Ummmmm… that is not a small room! My room is like a third of the size of that

CelestiaFan Forever says:

Having a small room does suck! You don't feel cozy at all! You feel like you're trapped!

Jini Do says:


ptgeek symptom says:

Lots of work 😳☹️

shawn cypret says:

Yes, let's not say lit again.

Dom TheSag says:

Lmaoooooooooo!!!! Don’t ever use “lit” like that again… This made me cringe.. 👎🏽👎🏽

Kawika David Kaluhiokalani III says:

Xloved each idea especially the bed ideas

Emily Snyder says:

you only need a drilling machine…………

Emily Snyder says:

okay, no offense but don't use lit when using a computer voice, it just sounds terrible

Crystal Henry says:

Pretty much common sense easy to do should be fun something different will look nice for a change. Just give me some ideas. Thanks

SirNugger says:

These are so unspecific in how to make them it’s infuriating

Tami Hill says:

Most of these ideas can't be used for most rental property taxes

AdamInBoise says:

Skipping a lot of steps, and these ideas are pretty lame. Most of these ideas aren't creating any space, and in the case of the hexagonal boxes on the wall, it's just something to bump your head on. You'd be better off filling the boxes with whatever and stacking them in the corner. Oh, and things hanging from ropes are not stable. They sway at the slightest touch or even a breeze. This is just clickbait. Fail, I'm afraid.

Xrevenge PE says:

Why does it have As If in 3:39, are you a fan of blackpink?

Unsanemetalhead says:

stop saying lit

Ida9464 says:

I appreciate these videos even if it just gives me one or two ideas to try. I don't understand why some people pick apart every little thing. It's just a video; no one is forced to watch.

Kiki White says:

Did someone tell you to use the word “lit” to sound hip? I don’t think millenials watch this channel. Next time don’t try so hard.

momof2 says:

Why not just use a piece of plywood for the bed? Or better yet, just buy an inexpensive bed frame, and a dresser

aqua fina says:

This stuff is not diy for average ppl! You need a freakn carpenter's degree for 90% of the stuff you showed!

Grome Grant says:

Thanks you for the information.

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