2018 DIY Creative Bedroom Decorating Ideas

2018 DIY Creative Bedroom Decorating Ideas

2018 DIY Creative Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Sabnam Khan says:

dikhaya kuch aor bta kuch rakha h not good

Dhoma Lhalungba lama says:

Why the background music was like a horror?

Lorraine Mann says:

Starter music sounds so scary

Zahraa Read says:

The music makes me nervous at the beginning!!!

Rakesh Suryabanshi says:

it's a awesome video

FarAbove Rubies says:

Terrible music! I felt like someone was in a horror movie! Love the diy lol

WhatsApp vibes says:

Very amazing 😘

glaisa stork says:

Scary background music, Im out😂

Divya Moshappagari says:

There is no tuffed bead

RachelB 620 says:

Almost around 3:30 am I was not able to sleep so i thought i can watch some diy decor ideas i clicked on this video and it just scared me soooooo badly

Lily Smith says:

The music is scary lol. Felt like I was being hypnotized

fatima Khan says:

Mind blowing👏👍💞

Komal A. says:


Zehra Begum says:

Omg🤤1:40 what have you done with rose……
Btw the ideas were awesome

nasi nasi says:

y music is lik horror movie

Hazel Nut says:

Why did u put scaryy sound ?

Iqra prince says:

The music so horrible

eja cepet says:

first song 😱scary me

Meanne77 says:

I wish I could blacklist the account that steal from other channels to make compilation and/or clickbait when I come across them. I've started to get good at identifying them before even clicking but sometimes I still get swindled. Will always stop watching as soon as I realize and will always leave a thumb down when it happens.

reyyu saabi says:

Bgm was horroring😨😱

Justina Branham says:

All of this is cute if your 12

Siva Sakthi says:

Love your blooming smile and gesture.

dekyi choedon says:

Thats a bad and very scary music.

Seher Shirazi says:

Why so horror sound effects as background track?

Aliyah Mercedes says:

Tf the bg music scares me and i cannot watch literally

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