25 Tiny Bedroom Decor ideas

25 Tiny Bedroom Decor ideas

This is 23 small bedroom decor ideas with 2 bonus ideas
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1. Hang your lamp.

2. Get a console table for your bed that doubles as a shelf and a desk.

3. Hang towels and things on the back of your door.

4. Disguise your desk as a bedside table.

5. Or, instead of a footboard, use your desk.

6. Prop up your bed on risers.

7. Or go for a high bed with tons of drawers.

8. Go the super-cheap route with an air mattress and milk crates.

9. Make a low-profile hanging hamper.

10. Tuck your bed into an alcove.

11. Make one wall a focal point with removable wallpaper.

12. Suspended tables can create an illusion of space.

13. Desks and dressers can also float.

14. Hide a shelf behind your bed.

15. Turn old drawers into stackable shelves.

16. You can skip the headboard in favor of a few inches of more floorspace.

17. Or build a cushy headboard that hangs on the wall.

18. Offset your bed from the wall and create a closet.

19. Use every corner of space.

20. Shelves count too.

21. More corner tricks: Hang some hangers.

22. Cover your windows with frosty film.

23. Color paper

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a queen sized bed couldn't even fit in my super tiny room. only a single sized bed and a small table fits.

Diomerys Ramirez says:

How is number six?…connected to electricity?

Anna Maledon says:

Some great ideas! Can you please talk slower. When you talk it seems like you are in a rush to get it over with..

Karen Bugna says:

l lllll

Kelly Riddle says:

Thank-you young lady!! Rollers under headboard , hanging shelf's, and few more thing, you might make me kinda OK with my 13 year old girl again!! Keep it up ,help us old lady's lol stay in touch with are preteen and teen girls , Great JOB !! Thank-you !! XXXXOOOXX Momma Kelly (:

W B says:

Love the different ideas. Ty! 🙂

Connie Smith says:

ok, ok my room is really small if i lay down in the floor from head to toe thats about how much space i have so this video realy helped, thanks

Panic! at the twenty-one chemical crybabies says:

._. my room is a closet. this isn't helpful. I only have a bed and outlet and lamp and desk in here…. kinda lonely rofl

Liz Arellano says:

This youtuber called Kathrine Elizabeth made a lot of diys for rooms make sure to go check out her channel.😄

Anna Gervasi says:

Wow! So creative and my mind is churning for my new crib!🤓😜

Charity Joy Mata says:

#13 is great idea,,,,

F A says:

how can i find a diy for the hanging hamper?

Luka Larrs says:

Very nice video

Aritul says:

I love, love, love the nook idea for the bed. 2:212:29

lidia resendiz says:

hi thank you so much this are great idea for my small apartment I been here for 2 years I just did number 8 and number 15 please do more video I want my place to look nice thank you

Delle Emme says:

2:06 – whats the pick axe(?) and the black cat doing there?!

Kendra Kiser says:

❤❤❤ this channel!!! I've lost numerous amounts of sleep staying up to finish some of these AWESOME projects!!! Y'ALL ARE GREAT!!!

Cilla P says:

narrators "s"s are sharp and annoying.. :/ but its a lot better than the google translate

kamanmusic says:


Gina Haffie says:

Great lamp! how do you drape the cord decoratively? Thanks — dig your videos!

Sandy Dale and Casa Tikvah says:

Great! And definitely an improvement with the voice!!!

Harrm Mama says:

thankx for this video specialy for rising up the bed

honeybdream says:

Great ideas!

hydragnb says:

This voice has a certain "pep" that definitely matches that background music!

Fanis Violentis says:

yass at the new narrator

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