3 DIY Modern LED Lamps Under 10$

3 DIY Modern LED Lamps Under 10$

3 easy, cheap DIY lamps using RGB LED strips!
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– RGB LED strip: http://bit.ly/rgb-led-strip
– LED controller: http://bit.ly/led-controller
– Power supply: http://bit.ly/led-power-supply (12v 2amp)
– RGB extension wire: http://bit.ly/rgb-wire

– Soldering iron: http://bit.ly/soldering-station-iron
– Hot glue gun: http://bit.ly/hgluegun
– Hand saw
– Router

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Rene Castillo says:

I love Norway

Windooo 64 says:

Please do a wireless RGB lamp or light

Bahar Kasap says:

My 14 yr old son loves these lights!!!! He wanted them for his room.>>>ur2.pl/677 He was able to set everything up himself. He set up all his sports teams with the coordinating colors, to flash every time they score. He’s thrilled! They are very bright. Very cool!

Marin Stipković says:

Thanks for the video. One question though: must I tin the strip connection points before soldering the wires onto them?

Ihechi Egbuzie says:

your the coolest girl on youtube

dont worry bout it says:

to anyone watching. its NOT that easy to solder the RGB lights togeather. the copper connectors are VERY fragile and will lift up very easily making your wires get tangled and even breaking off the connector. i have gotten these many times. its very frustrating i wish they would use a better glue or adhesive to keep the connectors from lifting off of the led strip. once u get it working its all fine and dandy but i reccommend using very very thin and light wires to do it. heavier wires, like i was describing, will make the connectors come right off!

frosch longleg says:

Nice as always :O

ŞyrianPower says:

do you marry me 🤣😍

Jerry Knudsen says:

First time finding this channel, looking for things to make my PC room awesome….think out found it. You are awesome

Elaf Parker says:

U Norwegian??

Winchester MC-NL says:

Where are you guys? We miss you

Let's Innovate says:

check out my Channel!!

Markie Guzman says:

Where did you get your nerd Hoodie? its awesome!

xxx xxx says:

Hi, I like Your work and if You like RGB Led strips You need to try some bluetooth controller for RGB LED. I have used this one:
It's very small and compact device. My work is more "simpliest" then Yours project but if You like to see my solution plese let me know. Regards

Silk Slow says:

Please finish the secret door

AboveAverageBob says:

Where did natural nerd go? Anyone know?

idk says:

You sound norwegian, are you? If so, jeg også.

Mr. unitato says:

You should make a hand print/accses thing where you put your hand on a surface and it will open a door or unlock something 😛

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