50 DIY Man Cave Ideas For Men

50 DIY Man Cave Ideas For Men

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If you’re looking for easy DIY ways to outfit your new man cave, then read on to get our quick pro ideas that every man can do:

Hang a pair of boxing gloves on the wall as a centerpiece.

Frame your favorite jerseys for quick wall art. Re-arrange your furniture so that your couch and other sitting furniture is facing your TV. Create a quick bar with your favorite alcohol and fixings by outfitting a rolling bar cart. Make the room livable and cozy with a faux fur rug and decorator pillows for the couch.

Your DIY Man Cave is really about bringing out your personal style, so consider starting with a theme that you can use to set the tone of the room. From there, you can add decor items that amplify the theme.

For example, let’s say you choose a nautical theme for your cave. You can hang fishing poles on the wall as art, have natural themed beer glasses at your bar, outfit your couch and chairs with anchor-themed pillows and throws, and use fishing nets as storage “baskets” on your wall.

All along the way, you’ll be creating a unique DIY theme that fits with some of your favorite things. Just remember, a man cave doesn’t have to be expensive nor does it have to drain your wallet! Let’s face it, if you can’t use a jig saw or hammer, you probably don’t need a man cave in the first place.

In this collection of ideas below, you’ll find plenty of low-cost ideas to turn your cave from bland to bold. I’ve included everything from wall décor to furniture like coffee tables, chairs and beyond. Hopefully it will inspire you to get a little creative. Everything you see here can be made relativity easy if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

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c´mon, most of this stuff is actually pretty cool, why is masculinity such a narrow concept?


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