Bedroom on a Budget! | DIY Home Decor | Mr Kate

Bedroom on a Budget! | DIY Home Decor | Mr Kate

Decorating on a budget can be colorful and chic! Plus a canopy DIY made from a hula hoop! TargetStyle and I team up to show you just how simple it is to style your space without breaking the bank. For more decorating fun make sure and subscribe to my channel here:
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Threshold 300 Thread Count Organic Sheet Set:
Threshold Lattice Throw:
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Chainlink Wall Storage- Aged Brass:
Circo Chevron Rug:
similar black side table:
similar black lamp:

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Video directed and edited by: Brad Etter
Produced by: Mr. Kate Inc. & Gearmark

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Alondra Cortes says:

that is so me

Trinity Spurrier says:

Hello it's me Miranda and I'm here to claim my new room

Vaso Theros says:

Can she come to my house

Miranda McDonald says:

Holy shit my names Miranda

Grace Ross says:

Nothing about this room is edgy in my opinion. Still a good preteen room tho :/

Libby Dunn says:

Mr Kate I think ur amazing and I loved what u did to Liza Koshys home it was amazing

Kirsten Bindoy says:

Why are you called mr kate

Dunkleosteus says:

Dislike this comment plz

H Q says:

Here's a challenge, gothic subculture/edgy/creepy version of this???

Rakesh Dixit says:

I just love how u design the bedrooms!! It's cool 🙂

LxraaPlays says:

Why does Kate sound a bit depressed today..? Not to be rude but she looks less energetic then usual..

TeisiTeisi says:

I would really like some help decorating a dorm room. If i can't take out any objects and also haven't got a lot of space to bring something else in here. Its just all the same and kinda depressing. Just some mini tips to make it look cool! 🙂 Thanks.

Sneha Kv says:

Drill yeah!

Simply says:


Trash Can says:

Anyone on a budget isn't spending $40 on woven art

Linda Mandelbaum says:

i wish OMG can come over to my home XD

Maya Smith says:

Anyone else watching in 2017?!

Shania CRUMP says:

I want them to do my room right

Eimaan Ahmad says:

I imagine a teenage boy

Miranda H says:

I am here and I love it!

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