Building an ART WALL For the Bedroom Makeover

Building an ART WALL For the Bedroom Makeover

Today we build a really fun ART WALL for our bedroom makeover project. This DIY project was really inexpensive and pretty easy but it is just what this room needed! We hope you get inspired!

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D. Lemmon says:

Wow, That is absolutely brilliant & it is timeless, because the pictures can be replaced anytime. So, as she gets older, the decor in that square can change. Absolutely LOVE IT!!! SO COOL!!! You all are SO brilliant!! It never ceases to amaze me, the projects you all do!! Pretty amazing!!

CC Rider says:

Awesome art ๐Ÿ–ผ great idea!!! ๐Ÿ‘

Cheryl Miller says:

What a great idea! It's awesome! Belle's art is beautiful! What a fortunate little lady!!

mcgaugh says:

That is some beautiful art work , she has some serious talent.

Jan Emigh says:

She's a great little artist!

MiddleEastMilli says:

I am so grinning ear to ear! Just when I think your video is so cool then you go over the top…..Belle's artwork! WOW! So vibrant and thoughtful!! She is full of vision…..just like you are! Love you guys! Rock on!

Rhonda Williams says:

Great idea!! Sheโ€™s a great artist, very talented

dragonflyneb says:

So Cool. God Bless

Virginia Reid says:

How wonderfully thoughtful. I'm sure she will enjoy her art wall frame for many years to come. I think I misunderstood you, because I thought you mentioned her hanging things from her pergola frame in the nook. I really think the art wall will be better because she can reach it much more easily.

Cathey Bull says:

You did a wonderful job and I bet She I s going to just love it for years to come ๐Ÿฅฐ. Great video and God bless

paulalargent says:

Love her art! I would buy some! I love the colorful one at the bottom with all the little birds around it and the one that says HOATZINS.

Mumakinder says:

Belles art looked fabulous on your frame u made, she is going to be chuffed to pieces. im loving the way you are getting idea,s ,doing fugal projects that with a little thought makes Belles room unique. hugsx

Melody Capehart Medina says:

All the details are making her room so special!! You two are so thoughtful in designing this room!

Ava Mcgee says:

Such a creative idea! Bella will love this. Great job.

Sara Hewitt says:

Bell is going to LOVE IT !!! Who wouldn't , the love a effort you two put in everything you do speaks volumes , Bells drawings show the same trates , her attention to detail it fantastic , I love the picture of the trees and the rabbit , with the little fox peeping from behind a tree , absolutely delightful as is she . What lovley parents you are I can't wait to see her reaction , ๐Ÿ˜Š

Rhoda Lewis says:

Can't wait to see it all done! You are doing an amazing job.

ste rekwob says:

Just shows simple idea's thinking outside the box.aswe say In liverpool Sound that lad
Steve Liverpool uk.

Linda Gene Denney says:

She is one lucky little girl to have a mom and dad doing such a special room for her. Canโ€™t wait for her to see it.

Ginger Rogerson says:

Such an awesome design and fabulous idea to display Bell's artwork! Now for Bell's artwork…OMG she has talent!! So awesome for you two to encourage her.

Northern Ohio Homestead says:

Looks very cool to me. thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day

Suzanne Parent says:

Bell is going to love it, and I agree that it will inspire her to do more art. Bell does lovely art and I can see she loves nature and birds. Such a great idea making a hanging frame.

Dodge 76 says:

Another lovely project guys….see your ready for the eggs your getting in the future

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