DIY Bedroom Remodel Transformation | Time Lapse

DIY  Bedroom Remodel Transformation | Time Lapse

See Max Run. Our Camera man From Homerenivisiondiy do a bedroom makeover in just a few minutes. All these years filming for the channel has rubbed off on him.

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this project includes a custom headboard, wall painting, new closet door install as well as crown molding and stylish finishes to make this bedroom a room of solitude and elegance. cheers!

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Linn Soltwedel says:

Niiice! 😀 How long did it take too clean the floors after the painting? 😛

Johnny Reese III says:

You taught him well.

Raven Widow says:

Looked at the thumbnail, looked at the title.
Instantly clicked.

Ma Ha says:

That us one beautiful room now! I really like that you did dark wall, light wood and then the dark headboard! It looks cool👍🏻

RON776 says:

Music to loud!

Mark Lance says:

🍑 very nice.

Jacob Hajarat says:

Is he trying to save 1$ by not painting behind the wood panel?

MrAnferneeHardaway says:

Love the work and video he did, any chance we can get the link to the closet doors he bought please ?

Mariella Mirande says:

Beautiul bed room, admirable job ♥

Mathieu Del Papa says:

Did he plaster over the popcorn ceiling??!

M DeBehnke says:

Sorry your girl left you. Nice room though.

The King says:

he still kept the ceiling fan…so fkn hideous. ceiling fans are for peasants!!!!!

Lucky Luck says:

Looking good but he didn't follow basic rules: ceiling always first floor last :)))

Simon Murray says:

Very NIce job Max, wondered what you were doing with the ceiling then realised that you were rendering and making sure it was a flat surface. Like the headboard and the door replacement of the shelves brings it into today's classic yet modern style. Well Done!

Nathan Spain says:

The first step in coming into your manhood is buying a cordless impact drill. Once you have one, you're basically just a few bits away from being an astronaut.

Teck Bugz says:

Put some respect on Max's name!

kryptoniteee says:

The shitty music ruined the video.

- - says:

Max, did you have experience with skim coating the ceiling? I'm amazed at how well you did it. I've tried doing it myself but ended up hiring out because it was so frustrating!

A10TOES says:

beautiful!!! I especially would like to know more about the closet doors, it gives an oriential feel. 'Donna'

- MyAtlanticBlue - says:

Very nice outcome. Nice combination of Eastern and Western design elements. Persistence results in a win! CONGRATS!!

ELI LOPZ 502 says:

Good job man!👍👌

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