DIY IDEAS FOR ROOM 2019 I Ideas tumblr

DIY IDEAS FOR ROOM 2019 I Ideas tumblr

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Chey Taylor says:

I will actually probably do the black spray paint dowel grid thing one lol 🙂

Geek Pottermore says:

I need help

unaentreunmillón relax says:

2:51 no se si saben que esa piel es tan solo de un animal dense cuenta que son cadaveres no decoración….
Editt: a excepción de eso es un buen vídeo, buen trabajo.

אביה חמו says:

So many products that you have to buy to create. Just pay up and that's it🤔

sugar honey says:

5:04 Ok but how you can get the keys with you without these pieces of wood👏🤔😂

Karenxx lovexx says:

First video ever 🙂 is so horrible horrible horrible 🙂

Neta Raz says:

7:05 this is a little reminder for me,, keep scrolling :))

Angelea Vella says:

Troom Troom is shook.

Denell hana says:

who else heard that sound from adobt me at roblox?
only roblox player know this…

Bé Bông Art says:

đẹp quá

Mia H says:

who's about to buy all this mess for the end table when i can go and buy one?

Miriam Diaz says:

Oh I totally have Fuad fur wood and random table things in my house


Alexis Quintana says:

Diganlas medidas

furry trash says:

2:05 we making a fursuit LMAO JK

_ iiishxlbyxo _ says:

guys the clock is for decoration . it’s not meant to look like an actual clock . jeez

Layla Taczanowsky says:

How are you supposed to make the mold if you don't have a crystal

AmelieSnape * says:

Poor clock…

Gacha Queen says:

comes for room ideas for Roblox welcome to bloxburg

Kate Crowe says:

Take a pice of wood you have lying around
Then your random chunk of foam.
Use these tools no one has
And relies you could have bought the same bench on line but you wanted bragging rights

Reese Jeez. says:

😮 like the rooms.

Tracy Johnson says:

Who came right to the comments?

ксюша izi says:


Sheila Marie B. says:
Please visit on my channel.. thank you

dasboot27 says:

The clock one is a bunch of bullshit. Firstly, you measured nthr paper from outside the bevel, which means it's too big to fit inside the clock. Secondly, that paper was soo wrinkly the hands would never function again.

Hernestina Garcia says:

La verdad es que el reloj lo arruinaron

Djolien NL says:

2:49 where can you buy these samples or what are the names of these samples?

jade says:

most of these are too complicated or require products that no one would ever just have .. I'd rather buy a finished product than have to buy all the things to make these. (& I agree the clock is dumb)

netta suomi says:

Am i only who thinks that the clock was SO ugly

Srta. Style says:

Like si eres español 🇪🇸🇪🇸❤️

Lilian Apaza says:

One =😒😒🤨😑

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