DIY Mason Jar Room Decor! Cute & Affordable

DIY Mason Jar Room Decor! Cute & Affordable

I hope you guys enjoyed the DIY Mason Jar Room Decor Video!

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Diana Alzuhainy says:

You earned a subscriber❀

Emilia Simpson says:

You has a new subscriber!

Kiddos Knierim says:

doing the first one πŸ˜‰

anushri jalan says:

I tried making 1st one but after painting mason jar was looking little glossy

#Being Sharonistic says:

I loooooooove your channel!!!!!! you deserve more subscribers than what you have.

westlakepanda says:

What kind of paint

Heidi Familia says:

Your video gets to the point πŸ‘πŸΎ love it

K Jo says:

I want a room tour:)

kitty girl131 says:

Love this diy , very creative

Ameni TV says:

j'aime sa β™₯

TK421 says:

the sparkly one was my fav😍😍😍

Alexianita Perez says:

Where does I can buy a jar if I live in Peru?

Abdul Corbitt says:

I love the first one the look of nostalgic wear and tear and the last one is cool, I never would think of doing things like that with a mason jar. I love mason jars they are the coolest.

Cassidy Pennington says:

Ah!! Thank you so much for replying! I love you and your videos! 😍😍 I'm literally so happy right now! πŸ˜‚β€οΈ

SK Mitchell says:

where to buy mason jars?!!

Cassidy Pennington says:

😍 where did you get that nail polish tray?? I need It!

Ashley Powell says:

What kind of paint did you use on the Mason Jars and what kind of sandpaper? Thanks.

Crafting With Jules and Angelyna says:

I did the last DIY for the pictures and I'm gonna do the first one with the flowers 😝

Tesst Jones says:

I bought a twelve pack of mason jars for only $8.75 today…..I think that's a great deal

Hotpoptarts Derp says:

whats that square think with the spikes in gold called and where did you get it?Its at 3:29

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