DIY Master Bedroom Makeover

DIY Master Bedroom Makeover


this week i decide to redo my master bedroom and realize that maybe i *shouldn’t* try to do everything alone (but don’t listen to myself and do it myself anyway! of course!)

aaaand here’s the stuff i used:
Ivory natural rug (amazon) –
Cowhide rug (amazon) –
Canopy Bedframe (cb2) –
(similar bedframe) –
Macrame Spool (amazon) –
Cane Chair (urban outfitters) –
Cane Storage Cabinet (urban outfitters) –
(similar cabinet) –
Anthropologie Lamp –
(similar lamp) –
Dried floral bouquet (anthropologie) –
Blush glass vases (anthropologie) –
Linen Long curtains (amazon) –
Beige blanket (h&m) –
Burnt orange blanket (h&m) –
Wooden floating picture frames (h&m) –
Small glass vase (h&m) –
Big glass vase (h&m) –
Dried palms (etsy)-
Pampas grass (etsy) –

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if you’ve read this far, comment ty safety candle



Tatjana Jäger says:

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this before, but if you spray hairspray on the fluffy white grass things you bought they stop making such a mess haha

SMB_ says:

The rug is almost a 1000$ Canadian and she bought two🥴

Isabella DeToma says:

Lmao anyone else jump when she tripped in the beginning?😂

just be your self 1 says:

Put hairspray on it

PJ Ebanks says:

I have a similar master bedroom decor idea.

Mr. Helper says:

My condo .. big tv …. no pictures, no colored walls, no decor, no accents, no decorations …. I do have a ps4

Meg Matsuyama says:

BAHAY KUBO VIBE filipino represent

Darby Hogle says:

You sound like Sarah Jessica Parker!!!!!!!!! My brain hurts

GerdavM says:

Tide To Go is INCREDIBLE. I once got beet juice out of a white shirt, amazing.

Stephany Taurina says:

love that cow rug!! amazing zen space! could you please do a video on how you make your video? the editing and tips too please! Thanks and much love from Bali

kaitlin maness says:

I'm allergic to the long plant thing that has dandruff. not sure why you need to know that, but there you go.

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