DIY Mirrored Furniture – DIY ROOM DECOR! Easy Crafts Ideas at Home

DIY Mirrored Furniture – DIY ROOM DECOR! Easy Crafts Ideas at Home

DIY Mirrored Furniture – DIY ROOM DECOR! Easy Crafts Ideas at Home



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Ray Ray says:

My Knobs Keep Coming Off Why?

Sheila Henderson says:

very creative but we were left hanging. Lamp especially.

Slavica Vukanic says:
7 Color LED 3D Feng Shui Lamp/Nightlight


splendid whaouuu i love it!!! so so nice and easy to made

Lise Leger says:

I just wanted to suggest you that if you want to get rid of your glue strings use a hair dryer and it will melt them away. I seen that on a DIY. Just a suggestion. Great work though.

Seema Parween says:

Product yrrrrr

Kamal Singh says:

wow I'm surprised
mind blowing

Sheryl Powell says:

Very important to give proper instructions when working with mirror.

Francia Sanchez says:

How much did it cost to make one

Sadi Mobiles says:

How many drinking straw

Live Free says:

So much for showing the final product.

Debbie Larocque says:

Nice idea you can also paint the wood diff colours if you can't get glass on it..( the finger prints wow & the dust on the glass !! It's going to be work to keep it looking clean )

Nara Machado says:


Deisy Silva Gracia says:

What's the glue called and the thing u used to get the glue to spread called

MoviePlayer Brazil says:

And the mirror above the make up table? Did you do it by yourself?

Mar Chevez says:

Felicidades segunda youtuber que no hace tanto clickbait en sus videos.Congradulation.

shahraman1 says:

Mirror gives good look… But please be careful… Never place ur bed in front of the mirror… It affects one's body.. Paralytic attack or so…

Nidy Galarza says:


Maria Fernanda Matthes says:


andres aris says:

me encanto saludos desde colombia

Yacine Diop says:

C'est très beau merci beaucoup

Yanet Lopez says:


Brenda J. Carpenter says:

Very Creative Art! You didn't show how you put the light in it. Did you spray paint it? How did you hang it?

Sba Gul says:

Too much beautiful

Britt Victoria says:

Need extra cash, click link to learn how!

Lupita Mendoza says:

What is the thickness of the mirror and where can i buy?

Nayasgift says:

you won the prize for the most stupid video

Missjamaican Flowers says:

Great job..

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