DIY Platform Bed With Floating Night Stands

DIY Platform Bed With Floating Night Stands

In this video, I will be making a King size platform bed. Plans are now available here. This bed has a few features that I can appreciate. Enjoy the video.
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Get the KING plans here.
Get the QUEEN plans here

—————————–Price Breakdown————————————-
King BED and electronics
– Wood $219
– Accessories brackets etc.. $65.00
– Electronics $165
Total investment = $449.00

————————————-Tools I used————————————-
– Measuring tape
– Miter Saw
– Orbital sander
– 80 grit sandpaper
– 120 grit sandpaper
– 220 grit sandpaper
– Keter workbench –
– Rockler Clamps –
– Dowel jig
– Pocket hole jig
– Drill
– Jigsaw
– Mallet
– Combination square
– Framing square
– Wood glue

————————————-Material used ————————————-


Note: Wood may not be actual size listed below. For example (2 by 4 is actual 1.5 by 3.5) 4
– ( 16) 2 by 8 Lumber (headboard, bed frame and bed trim)
– (1) 2 by 12 lumber (top and bottom night stand)
– (1) sheet or 3/4in (19.05mm) plywood a small piece
– (2) sheet of 1/4in (6.35mm) plywood
– (10) 1 by 4 (25.4mm by 101.6mm) lumber
– (4) 2 by 4 (50.8mm by 101.6mm) Lumber

Other accessories—————————————-

– (4 packs) Corner brace (outside of the bed trim and inside bed foot)
– (2 packs) Corner brace (inside the bed trim )
– (1 packs) Mending plate (bed foot frame)
– L- brackets for the bed frame
– 1/4in – 20 inserts (to mount the night stand)
– 1/4in round head Philips 3in long
– 1/4in Washer
– #10 Screws (2 in)
– #8 Screws (1.5in)

Finish ———————————————————

– Danish oil
– Wipe on poly
– Foam roller
– Black paint

LED, Electrical, and wire ——————————

– Puck Lights
– Led Strip
– Round switch
– (2) Outlet with USB ports
– (2 ) outlet cover
– (2) workbox [junction box]
– Electrical wire(for the outlet)
– Receptacle Tester –
– 22 gauge wire (for the puck light switch)
– Extension cord



Paul Waldrop says:

The wife says awesome job and is now asking why I haven’t made one yet.

DIY - A Minha Bancada says:

nice work, grande Abraço By A MInha Bancada O Melhor da Bicolage

dovebar76 says:

I’m not a fan of platform beds, but this is beautiful! My husband and I are preparing to build our own bed and I’m so excited!

zelly james says:

Super bad ass

Bananajooooo says:

Very cool👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

1stClassRVadventures says:

this is an awesome DIY! I love platform beds ty for sharing!!!

Lucy Albert says:

Wow! Great job. Now that you say, repeatedly, that the bed is temporary, can I have it after you're done with it? It looks fantastic. And you are a true master! I will wash your feet 💙💙💙


be honest. how'd you learn all this?

שי עמוס says:

hello , just to make sure …Are you painting with the Danish oil, then sanding with sand paper and then using wipe on poly? What is wipe on poly used for?can you explain me the levels..
thx a lot

Dreamst8r says:

will this be strong enough for me to perform a five star frog splash off the dresser? i wanna make sure my woman is down for the 3 count.

coquinha pipas e peixões says:

Showwww showwww muito bom

Ashley Deflaminis says:

What kind of wood did you use for the frame? 🙂 You say 8 inch lumber so is it just soft wood/pine?

Sweet Home says:

Please try to comparing with this elegant nightstands DIY

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