DIY pottery barn inspired Living Room Decor | BeeisforBudget

DIY pottery barn inspired Living Room Decor | BeeisforBudget

This video is about Cheap and Easy DIY projects and home decor inspired by pottery barn! I’m obsessed with pottery barn… Here are ways i created similar pottery barn looks for an affordable cost!
enjoy! thanks for watching! 🙂



Audra Hollis says:

oh god..A gate?

texanhunny2 says:

The word "curtain" has a t in it. Not "cur in".

Hummingbird Wolf says:

You did do a total cost for the coasters.

Gin Margo says:


Meanne77 says:

You're very ingenious! I'm specialy impressed about the curtain thing… and I definitely want to try the hanging lamp, I also love this effect and haven't yet put anything in my new appartment so I have several ceilings to decorate 🙂
Could you please tell me what drilling tool you've used?

Jamie J. says:

New and ENTHUSIASTIC subscriber!! LOVE LOVE
L❤VE this video! These projects are BEAUTIFUL!!
And You explain everything so well.
Thank you!!
I'm so excited to try them 😊💜😀💙🎉

Kat Levasseur says:

Why do u put so little clothes on for a DIY video tutorial?

Tanya Ford says:

I loved your ideas!

Bizzy Bee Nursing says:

How can anyone give this vid a thumbs down? These DIYs are practical, low in cost, look great, and the vid is straight to the point! I'm a first time viewer and I enjoyed it.

Vivia Fonseca says:

I loved 👏👏👏👏

LindySellsHomes says:

Love how you get right to it, great content.

Patrice Rodriguez says:

one of the most helpful diy home decor videos ive seen. just got my first apartment and will probably be trying your curtain rod and the last vase segment… thank you girl!

Engineering my Life says:

These are such great and beautifully executed ideas. Love it! Thanks for sharing your creativity.

Iswhatitis Kiddo says:

Seems like E6000 glue is very popular. A while back I used a small amount of it indoors and the fumes were so bad I had to air out my house for a good long while. I'm curious why no one ever mentions the fumes in their how-to videos.

Notorious Lee says:

They sell diy lights like this at Michael's

Tristin Ebel says:

Stumbled onto your channel by accident, absolutely LOVED all of your projects!

Ehvuh44 says:

Darn, Marshall's had a set of 4 for 20 with a gold border i thought that was pricey lol now i feel stupid seeing how expensive they can be

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