Hey guys! For this DIY project Frank is finishing the shiplap in the house and starting the fireplace makeover. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe! We hope you guy’s enjoy the video 🙂

PRODUCTS – Shiplap, Nail Gun, Liquid Nail, Circular Saw, Tile Saw, Square, Level, Air Rock, White Caulk



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DulceKandy Hauls says:

I just love this type of videos all this DIYs 💞💞🥰 it's your home you can change it when ever you want it don't listen to negative people you do you 💞

Paula Ann says:

Great job, Frank! Looks awesome!

BaileyandPypersmom says:

Love all the customization you are doing!

Stephanie Cody says:

Love how y'all talk about your hickups along the way!

AimeeSLCx says:

Love this! Of course your house looked nice before but you’ve most definitely made it 100x better😍👏🏻 recently everyone has IDENTICAL houses with grey/whites/basic, which looks nice and fresh but i’m a lover of ‘making a house a home’ and making it suit your style/personality❤️

Mistie Jones says:

Frank you’re so handy! Is there anything you don’t/can’t do? My husband is fairly handy too. Can’t wait to see part 3 😊

Life Like Lorenz says:

Looks Amazing!! I like it🙋🏻‍♀️ 👍🏻

Ashley Murphy says:

Two of those shelves on either of the fireplace would love good, you know the one you put up front for your plants.

linna xo says:

Girl, He’s A Fireman & A Handyman & Loves Your Babies Like They Are His Own! Frank A Goodman!! Can't Wait To See More House DIY!❤️

Brianne Blackburn says:

I have to agree with others why ruin brand new dry wall lol alot of work for just extra wood over things but to each their own everyone likes different things

Tatty Teddy says:

0:14 freakin' loooooooove the sound of a Red Bull being opened #satisfying 😍 and bruh. the smellllllll🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 I could almost smell the taurine as you opened it 😍😂😂💕 I couldn't give up Red Bull if my life depended on it 😂😂😍

jeetun suinaina says:

Beautiful house

TheBrittbrat2341 says:

I think it looks awesome! It's a good thing you have such a handy man! 😉👌

Belkis Juma says:

Everything looks amazing
Way to go frank 😉

Kristen Hammed says:

Looks amazing already! I can't wait to see the finished product!! And who cares what anyone else thinks. You bought the home, not them! If you want to improve your house for cheaper then I say good for you. It looks amazing and as long as you love it that's all that counts.

Marie-Josée Nadeau says:

Frank is doing a wonderful job!!!!!!!! It looks great!

B C says:

It looks so good! You (B?) have such good taste in colours and tones x

Cat Marie says:

I absolutely love all the hard work Frank has put into your house and in making it your own! You may have bought the house but it was just a shell and you are now able to personalize it to your liking! Who cares what anyone says?! Also if you have never watched a Netflix show called Heartland they have a rock fireplace that they all choose a rock for themselves and that is their rock and the foundation to the family. and as more family members join in (spouses, kids, etc) they get to choose a rock to help continue the foundation and it’s also a piece of home that they will always know is there. I think that would be a great idea for you guys! Or at least that’s what came to mind when I saw the rock fireplace! It’s coming out beautifully

yellowhairedrobot says:

Frank, you have such a good attitude about home projects and repairs. You handle surprise complications really well and stick with the project until the end instead of getting frustrated. Love that!

yellowhairedrobot says:

This channel is so wholesome. I love watching your DIY!!

Annie E. Jones says:

I'll never understand people who ask "why" you're doing something to your own house. Because they want to? And it's their house? I feel like that's all you need to know? lol

Amii Wright says:

Absolutely loving that fire place, you have done an awesome job Frank

Siobhan Grunwald says:

Making the house your nest ♡♡ love handyman Frank! Hi Frank's dad (short appearance) !! 🙂 love your fam ♡

Amanda Johnson says:

Frank your giving me anxiety with the dust on that dark hardwood floor 😂

Prophet Kedeshia Wilson says:

Great Job Frank! Are you sure you are a fireman and not a contractor?!! 👏👏👏👏👏.

Why must people always have negative things to say. IT IS YOUR HOUSE so if you wanna tear off the roof so you can see the stars…you have all right! 😂😂. I'm just saying!!! Go for all the projects, it is cheaper to DIY and its something you can be so proud of in the end! I LOOOOOVE IT!


term family says:

Love it!! It does really brighten up the living room

Tiff Nicole says:

It looks great! I was a bit confused on why you didn’t get this done while building the house, but you answered that in the video. If it’s cheaper to do it yourself might as well do it yourself.

Med Tech67 says:

I love watching these project videos! I don’t know why, since I am 74 years old, and my future projects will probably be limited to hanging pictures!

Sam says:

Guys I am LOVING it! I am like you Britney I love the white and bright colors in a house and I think what you are doing is going to look so beautiful!! I can’t wait

Amber Furby says:

I love how much input Frank has into the way your home looks. My ex wouldn’t even give an opinion on paint colour for our living room let alone anything else.

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